Introduction: Play Nintendo Games on the Idevice With a Wiimote for Free!

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Have you ever gone to the app store to get a Super Nintendo Game, but you can't find one to play. Well now you can play these nintendo games with the snes emulator from cydia. This emulator allows you to play Nintendo games on your idevice, even with a Wiimote! This is a very detailed simple step-by-step tutorial which will show you pictures for every step to visually explain what to do. This is also 100% free if you already have all the materials needed.

I was inspired to make this because...

- I always wanted to play Nintendo on my iPad. 
- I wanted to teach people about playing on the iPad with a Wiimote.
- I wanted to play Nintendo on a bigger screen when on the go.

You should download this because...

- It would be fun and entertaining for road trips.
- Wiimote is very responsive and fun.
- You can pick out the best games you want for free without discs.

Download files at your own risk.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

- Jailbroken idevice (iOS 5.1.x)
- Cydia

Files that will be downloaded:
- snes4iphone (Cydia Store)
- WiiMote OpenGL-ES Demo

Step 2: First Download

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Go into Cydia and Search for "snes4iphone (Cydia Store)" by ZodTTD & MacCiti. This source is already added with install of cydia. Normally the blue highlighted sections mean that the tweak costs money, but as of now it is free even though it is still highlighted. Install this, it will take up 1018 kB of space. After install restart your idevice. 


Step 3: Second Download

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Go into Cydia once more and search "WiiMote". After this install WiiMote OpenGL-ES Demo to make the wii remote compatible with the iPad. Restart the device after install to make the app work. 

Step 4: Third Download

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Go back into Cydia and search snes games to pick which games you would like to play. My personal favorite is SNES Top ROMS Pack. You can pick your own favorite. You will not have to restart or reboot for this process.

Step 5: Making the WiiMote Work With the Games.

Picture of Making the WiiMote Work With the Games.

You will now want to go into your snes4iphone app. You will want to go into options and turn WiiMote Support on. Now exit the app and restart the idevice. After this process return to the app and press 1 and 2 together on the WiiMote so that the remote will become noticeable. Now just pick a game, turn your WiiMote sideways and play your favorite game!

*Controls may vary per game. After restart you may need to restart a couple more times because the WiiMote might not connect the first time.

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy

I hope you enjoy playing your Super Nintendo Games and I hope you also enjoy using the WiiMote with it! 


whatthewaffle (author)2012-08-29

also, sorry to spam your post, add the source

whatthewaffle (author)2012-08-29

ipad is so big, its perfect for playing emulators with the wiimote

whatthewaffle (author)2012-08-04

this makes me really want an ipad :D my generation just missed the nes and i think that it is really fun, its just my ipod screen is soo small and the ipad looks so amazing.

Thanks! I really enjoy playing Mario with this app.

The iPod should look fine with this app because it is built as an iPhone app. Also you won't need to use the controls on the screen of your iPod, you can just use the wii remote. Normally iPhone apps don't look good on the iPad, but it looks so good here because I have retina pad from the cydia store.

whatthewaffle (author)2012-07-27

great tutorial very nice for people not very tech savvy

Thank you. Its very nice that you say so!

DoctorDv (author)2012-07-27


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