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I have a project in christmas yesterday from my friend , She want to show a dance in the dark , so She ask to me to make that dancer glowing...

She ask me 1 week before the performance -____-"

I work with a tailor , who make a way to I put the LED strip to the Costume...

I have sponsored by Hori Lighting for the LED Strip ^_^

And after that project , I used the LED Strip to make my Monitor's Computer Glowing and also Sync to the speaker's PC


Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
Parts :
  • LED Strip 12V
  • Battery pack 12v 3000mAh 
  • DC Connector
  • Female DC Connector
  • Singel Cable
  • long sleeves
  • pants
  • length of fabric for headbands
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Push Switch 
  • Terminals
  • Cable Connector
Can you please email me written instructions on what all you did? i want to make some prop headphones for a character costume for me and my girlfriend for an event and i cant figure the wiring out exactly and stuff
Ghild.Zero (author)  NicolasWulfe2 years ago
1. I use 12 volt LED strip . So I make 12volt battery pack from AA batteries
2. for calculation how long your LED can endure , find total consumtion of your LEDs.
3. the circuit is simple
4. and if want use Switch
email is nicjameswulfe@gmail.com