This instructible explains how to use MagicDisc

Step 1: Download MagicDisc

Download MagicDisc, A program that makes virtual CD drive on the computer, allowing you to play games with out a disk. link here => http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-history.htm
Remember, not all games need this. Just check if the game can be activated on Steam.
<p>where is this done? through steam or the game?</p>
I had that Halo(1):Combat Evolved
Some games, such as Deus Ex, require a disc to start, but this is easily bypassed with a text editor in the configuration file after the game is installed on the hard drive. Before resorting to MagicDisc, check a bit on the Internet to see if such an undocumented hack is available for your favorite game. I'm guessing that in most cases there is, because the developers wouldn't have tolerated having to put a CD-ROM in the drive every time they restarted the game during development.
it good and all but couldnt you take out the disk after it was done
This instructable is awesome! My sister always hides the disc to my favorite game and then I hve to search everywhere for it. Also now I won't have to bring my disc around.
also, you might want to 'blur' out your PRODUCT ID # on that last screenshot
wow lol i didnt even notice he put that there. im gonna steal it lol jk i hate halo
Good guide for beginners new with gaming on computers. I personally use daemon tools light which is pretty much the same thing as the program you use but it can mount 4 images at once.
To tell you the truth, i use both becaus i can use 8 virtual drives that way
I would use both too, but I don't need 8 drives. If you pay for the good daemon tools, you can have 32 drives running at once. Better have one good machine for that though.
Daemon Tools is more capable than magic disk in general, but both work similarly. You should note that many (most) newer games (i.e. anything in the past 5 or so years, sometimes even older) will not work simply by mounting a disk image; the software is designed to recognize this as an attempt to pirate the game. If you wish to install and/or play the game without the original disk, you will need a 'crack' - which is fairly easy to come by if you're handy with google and know how to use a torrent. And cracks may (usually) be a violation of software agreements, but in and of themselves are not necessarily illegal - as long as you own the game you are cracking. I commonly do this to save wear and tear on my disks, as well as out of a laziness (it is much simpler to mount a few images than it is to search my collection of a thousand plus disks, and physically swap the disk)...
do use uTorrent so i am familiar with torrents, but alot of downloads i've done had a non-working crack
I meant to download *just* a crack, not a pirated version of the game - if you're downloading just a NoCD crack, and nothing more, you'll always get the crack, and in my experience, it will work 95%+ of the time... When you grab a pirated copy of a game (which you shouldn't, btw - not that I never have, mind you; I just prefer not to unless I am seeing if I am willing to invest the money in an unknown company/game/etc), even if the game itself isn't messed up, it is much less likely that it will have a working crack included... so you'd have to get one separately anyway.
yeah, they probably tried to crack the game
You might want to also look at Slysoft's &quot;Game Jackal&quot;. With it, you don't even need to rip an image of the disc (most of the time).

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