I had seen other converts of mp3 players and fm radios into other products and thought I would try the same while I was playing play-dough with my daughter. Enjoy

Step 1: Purchase radio and play-dough container

i already had the two mentioned items, but if you do not you will need to purchase a mini fm radio, cheapo one will do the trick and a pack of play-dough, i used the medium size container.
hey the play dough doubles as a tasty snack while you work!!! : )
Hey Play Doh is non toxic
Play dough was at first designed as a wall paper paste remover.
that's a really cool mod, its different and original might do that with a packet of smarties
This would be even cooler if you could make it with a rechargeable battery in it and shake to recharge. Very cool as is though...
yeah i saw that in a different instuct-- but it would be hard because every time you wanted to listen to somthing you would have to shake it lol-- that would get annoying really fast lol :)
Cool! Do you have any pictures of the inside?
it is dome'<strong></strong><br/>
You could have a lot of fun with this. If you left the radio in the blob of play-dough it would act as an insulator so you didnt need the case, and if you wired a speaker to it and boosted the the current you could really scare someone by sticking it underneath their car and turning it up.
lol. ya. i was also thinking along the linesof AndrewStone there. I thought the doh had some kinda crazy property! lol. but it's still a cool mod
You ought to assemble the tuner and/or volume switch to the lid for twisty fun.
hey, that is an idea
ah, the title made me imagine a radio device inside an actual blob of play-dough... that might be interesting.

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