Picture of Play-dough FM Radio
I had seen other converts of mp3 players and fm radios into other products and thought I would try the same while I was playing play-dough with my daughter. Enjoy

Step 1: Purchase radio and play-dough container

i already had the two mentioned items, but if you do not you will need to purchase a mini fm radio, cheapo one will do the trick and a pack of play-dough, i used the medium size container.

Step 2: Dismantle the fm radio, but keep all of the pieces

in this step you will want to make sure that you maintain the integrity of the battery compartment to reuse in the play-dough container
i was able to unscrew and cut away unecessary components in order to trim the size of the radio enough to obtain a solid fit in the play-dough container
you will of course need to remove the play-dough from its container

Step 3: Prepare play-dough container

Picture of prepare play-dough container
after removing the dough, you can line up the remaining fm radio parts to determine where you would like to place the volume, scan, reset and headphone jack
i chose to place the headphone jack in the lid and the volume and controls on the backside of the container
i used a medal hole punch which seemed to work good and was a good fit for the parts

Step 4: Final assembly

Picture of final assembly
once all of the pieces lined up i screwed them back into place inside the container
i did not use any adhesive in the lid because i will need to open it to change the batteries
with the batteries back in place i placed the lid on the play-dough container and plugged in the headphones to enjoy some playful musak
hey the play dough doubles as a tasty snack while you work!!! : )
Hey Play Doh is non toxic
J-Five5 years ago
Play dough was at first designed as a wall paper paste remover.
mayney936 years ago
that's a really cool mod, its different and original might do that with a packet of smarties
far2_gr88 years ago
This would be even cooler if you could make it with a rechargeable battery in it and shake to recharge. Very cool as is though...
yeah i saw that in a different instuct-- but it would be hard because every time you wanted to listen to somthing you would have to shake it lol-- that would get annoying really fast lol :)
Cool! Do you have any pictures of the inside?
2067 years ago
it is dome'
You could have a lot of fun with this. If you left the radio in the blob of play-dough it would act as an insulator so you didnt need the case, and if you wired a speaker to it and boosted the the current you could really scare someone by sticking it underneath their car and turning it up.
Neodudeman9 years ago
lol. ya. i was also thinking along the linesof AndrewStone there. I thought the doh had some kinda crazy property! lol. but it's still a cool mod
mikesty9 years ago
You ought to assemble the tuner and/or volume switch to the lid for twisty fun.
lnmeichten (author)  mikesty9 years ago
hey, that is an idea
AndrewStone9 years ago
ah, the title made me imagine a radio device inside an actual blob of play-dough... that might be interesting.