Play Music Through Your Guitar





Introduction: Play Music Through Your Guitar

In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to play music through your guitar.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:
A guitar (obviously)
headphones (the kind that you put in your ears)
an amplifier
a guitar cable
a cd player, mp3 player, iPod, etc.

OK, that's it!

Step 2: Starting

Plug your guitar into the amplifier.

Step 3: The IPod Part

plug the headphones into the ipod

Step 4: Headphones-to-guitar

Put the ends of the headphones on the pickups on the guitar so that the strings are holding them up.

Step 5: Next...

turn the amp on and play the song you want on the ipod.

Step 6: Finished!!!

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You're done!



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sorry, random: what digitech pedal do you have back there in the picture on step 3? i had the rp300, then traded up to the rpx400. yours looks like.... rp200, am i right?

couldnt you just plug the ipod into the amp... using a male male 3.5mm plugs and a guitar plug adapter. annd then ur done

Tried, make screeching noises and barely herad the song

So no, you can do the plug adapter.

Mine works perfect. Make sure you are plugging into the right jack. I've been doing that for years perfectly.

I have an active pickup and I tried on all eight spots, And plugging in the ipod to the amp resulted in a loud blast of screeching. And i used a adapter thing.

The volume should be very very low on the mp3 player to start, and distortion off, obviously. that's odd, since it works with every power amplifier I've ever had. Even my bass amp, though the pass filter was a little off with that one. An amp is just a circuit that amplify a signals current attached to a speaker, to put it plainly. Maybe you should try it with a cable that happens to be a little bit longer to get some resistance in there since it's a 60 W power amp. If you are using a 3.55 plug cable and not the huge 1/4" inch cable already, I guess. It's been working for me and many other people for years, in this topic / page alone.

turn down the gain and off the effects of course. all knobs should probably be to the left to start with, then you can start tinkering

Yea. 60 watts and cant play anything but bass and guitar through it.