Introduction: Play Pc Game Using Your Vr Headset

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Hello , today I will show you how to play pc games using you vr headset.

Download links: google playstore :

PC client: or,


Nightosphere (author)2015-11-26

can you play any PCs game with it?

WalidM (author)Nightosphere2015-12-26

you can play any pc games.

Henry Jones (author)Nightosphere2015-12-19

AFAIK, if the game supports the Oculus Rift, it'll support this.

WalidM (author)Nightosphere2015-11-26

yes , I played far cry , crysis , GTA games with google cardboard.

tomatoskins (author)2015-11-10

I still haven't done anything with a vr headset. I really need to get one!

WalidM (author)tomatoskins2015-11-11

try this its amazing!

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