Play the "Assassin" Game!





Introduction: Play the "Assassin" Game!

To play the "Assassin" game you will need a large group of willing people The game is played over several days for the most fun.

This is a great game for summer camp!

Step 1: Choose Your Leader

Once you have got your group of people, you will need a leader who keeps track of who has been eliminated and who is still "in" the game. The leader also keeps a note book and invites those eliminated to write a brief account of how they were "had"! The leader does not play any part in the actual assassinations.

When you have your leader, he or she invites as many people as possible to play the "game". Not everyone will want to play, so don't push it. The idea is that one person is left at the end of the game, who can then be delared the winner.

When the participants have been identified the leader makes a small card bearing each participant's name. These are then distributed to all the players, making sure that no-one gets his or her own name! Only the leader knows the names of those taking part! It is important to maintain as much secrecy as you can. Also each participants does not tell anyone - even their dearest friends that they are in the game. Then the fun begins.

During the next few days as everyone goes about his or her camp activities it is every participant's task to "assassinate" the person who name is on the card they have been given. Assassination is quite painless, it just means tapping the person on the shoulder very quietly and telling them they are "out"! When the person is "out", he or she gives his or her name card (the name of the person they were going to eliminate) to the person who has "assassinated them. That person then goes on to try to eliminate the next person, and so on and so forth....... until one person remains.

Step 2: Try and Stay With a Friend!

However, there is one important rule. The assassinations are done as quietly as possible and preferably away from others and the one being assassinated has to be "alone", and not walking with a friend. Being quiet about it also is good as you don't want to tip off anyone else that you are "in the game". Remember, you are not supposed to know who else is actually playing. Who knows your "friend" may be your "enemy"!

Step 3: She's Out!

Sometimes it's hard to lose!

Step 4: Beware of Roving Pirates!

Beware the Pirates! They have no part in the "game" but they try to look fierce!

Step 5: The Winner! (this Time Around)

As this is a camp, assassignations are also not allowed to take place in the dining room or in the main lodge. Anywhere else on the island,players are fair game. This game is a lot of fun and no violence is involved.

It's great to win, although there usually aren't any prizes - but you could always add a prize when YOU play!



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At my school we use the website to manage the game. It automatically assigns everyone a target and has a live "kill feed" of who has died.

We play a game similar to this at school, except instead of cards, we use spoons. You have to touch the person with the spoon to "kill" them. Everybody's spoon has a person's name on it, not your own. That is the person that you have to eliminate.
Lots of fun, played during school hours (while people are not in class of course) and really challenging.
Thank you for the Instructable!

i have played this game as wel but the way we played is the leader makes up task's such as have this person help take out the garbage and when you get them to do it then they die and pass on the taks and person they were supposed to kill.

We used to play this in High School. Once a year our gym teacher would give us each a name to go after. It had to be on school property, not in a classroom during class, but all else was fair game. Throw in the mix that we had 4 "houses" -like harry potter- and 216 students and it was a blast.

This the same thing that was in a book called spray but with water guns?

awesome to bad camp is over i could of did it then that would of been cool

There's always next year! I just got back from camp and there were over 50 participants. The most kills were 7 by several people. It was great fun! All the winners got a pennant this year - hurray!

going to be a counsoler next year!

 doing this at band camp next year. If played right this will be hilarious.

Back in the 1980's Steve Jackson Games put out a rule book for a game very similar to this game that you have described. Back in the 1990's I played varitions of this game at Boy Scout camps from Buffalo to Boston. Great game, but not an original idea.