Make your Arduino play the French Can Can using a buzzer. No pliers. No fires. It's so straight forward that it's as scandalous the Can Can implies.

This instructable covers some introductory electronics info, and focuses on writing scripts using the Arduino IDE to make an Arduino play basic musical tones.

Step 1: Ingredients

The following ingredients are needed to make an Arduino play the Can Can:

I bought mine here at sparkfun.com as part of a starter kit (also includes the buzzer used in this instructable).

Buzzer (CEM-1203 used in this instructable)
This particular buzzer can be found here at sparkfun.com for under $2.00.

100R Resistor
Prevents damage to the Arduino (more details later)

Breadboard (mini breadboard used in this instructable)
Allows testing of electronic components without soldering

Two Jumper Wires
Connect the Arduino with electric components on breadboard

USB Cable
Allows code (known as sketches) to be loaded to the Arduino from the computer

Arduino IDE
This program allows you to script sketches and load them to the Arduino. It can be found here at arduino.cc for Mac, Linux, and PC.


One cannot play the Can Can without finesse!

<p>When you say it would damage the arduino, you mean definitly? or could damage some part of it? I ask because i been connecting the buzzer directly into a digital pin and gnd and never had a problem.</p><p>PD: I'm noob at arduino yet.</p>
it sounds a lot better with a regular 8 ohm speaker. no resistor needed.
The guy's name is &quot;Rob&quot;, not &quot;Ron&quot; Faludi ;) Excellent instructable!
Lol crap, all I have is 100- 200k resistors -.- Will get some lower ones later haha. Great ible though, I'm just starting out with arduino so I've been looking around at cheap ideas I can do to get the hang of it before I embark on my own project.
Awesome instructable. I just bought a Arduino Duemilanove and tried this. <br>But instead of a buzzer I used a 8 ohm speaker from a laptop. I added in a 5ohm resistor and it only draws between 26 to 33 ma, and it sounds awesome. Nice job! <br>AL
Men this is exactly what i was looking for, 5 stars!!!!<br><br>Great 'ible!!
Wow, AWESOME. I laugh out loud when the can can started to play, cant believe it. Incredible job!
Wow, great Instructable! Especially like the &quot;finesse&quot; bit!
OMG!!! I have only a 10R resistor....
&nbsp;So if my sensor uses 100uA that equals .1mA right?<br /> Second that means i dont need a resistor?<br /> THANKS! :D
Nicely done!&nbsp;
Very good instructable!<br />
there is actually a much easier way to do this.&nbsp; This was my first project on the Arduino Duecimilia
Hello macattackct,<br /> Writing tutorials and getting feedback helps me learn the stuff. I'd enjoy your input. How would I make it simpler?<br />

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