Picture of Play videos backwards using Quicktime player
This is the awsomest trick of the century.this Instructable shows you the easy way to play videos backwards without downloading dodgy programs (if you don't have quicktime you will need that.)

The image has nothing to do with the project but i needed one.
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Step 1: Get quicktime

Picture of Get quicktime
If you don't have it you will need to download it.the link for apple and then windows is below



once again the Lego man has nothing to do with the Instructable

Step 2: Take the Video

Picture of Take the Video
O.k Now take the video, and remember when you film this if you walk in the video you must walk facing backwards.So when you play it backwards then you look like you are facing forwards.

Jumping and diving into water look sweeet, also jumping out of the water and still having dry clothes looks good.

Trampolines are fine as long as you jump on to or off them.

Step 3: Name the video

Picture of name the video
As the name suggests name the video.
the name does not matter.It's just to remember it by

Just Lego again(the pic)

Step 4: Open quick time

Picture of Open quick time
Open the video in Quicktime. Do not play it (do not click the play button) Hold shift (the shift key,hold down)and double click the picture of the beginning of the clip. it should play backwards. Awesome. voila!

Step 5: Done

It works for me. hope it works for you

My second Instructable comments would be nice
lemonie6 years ago
This isn't explained very well, are you "walking backwards" or "Playing videos backwards using Quicktime player"? What is this about, what are you doing? L
karossii6 years ago
you should include a video - forwards as well as backwards to show the difference. Screenshots of the video and video editing would be a good idea too!