Introduction: Play You IPod in Your Car Without a FM Modulator!

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For ages I've been trying to get my iPod to play in my car, but my head unit doesn't have an AUX plug and I find FM modulators to be of poor quality. As a solutions I desided to go straight to the source. I fed my iPod line directly into my car amp.

It will also only play through the speakers connected to your amp.

This is a very simple solution to a problem many people have. To accomodate both my iPod and HU I have built a switch box to control the source. It's very simple! All you need is a handful of parts, a soldering iron and a DMM.

(Do this at your own risk...if something goes wrong you may damage your amp, iPod or HU)

Step 1: Parts and Tools

The parts list is short! All you need for the switch box is:

6x RC sockets
1x 4 pole switch
A small box to house it in
Some good quality wire

Side cutters
Wire strippers
Soldering iron
A Multimeter (to check continuity)

Step 2: Wiring

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The first thing you need to do is work out which contacts are which on the switch.
To do this put the switch in a know position and pick a start point.
Using your multimeter check the continuity between each contact and note which ones are connected.
Do this for all the switch positions and you'll soon be able to see which contacts are the main connectors.

Now the key is to be consistent. Start with all the right audio plugs.
Connect the main contacts to the amp plug first. Then connect the other two contacts (for the two positions) to the HU and iPod plugs. MAKE SURE YOU ARE CONSISTANT WITH YOU GND AND POSSITIVE LINES!
Repeat this for the left audio plugs.

It's as simple as that! Make some nice labels and mount it in your car somewhere accessible.

and thanks for reading my first instructable!


vstchr004 (author)2010-04-30

ya i know, could have left the gnd wires off the switch and just tied them together but i did it to add some isolation to the system.

tulsa_jerm (author)2010-04-28

 You don't need to switch the - ("gnd") just use a spdt switch and wire up the +'s to the switch and tie all the -'s together. great little instructable!

idrawupay (author)2009-07-22

Very cool. This would also be good if your HU does have an aux input but you have multiple devices.

vstchr004 (author)idrawupay2009-07-23

for sure could work for anything where you have more sources than inputs

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