PlayStation 4 Overheating Problem Solution





Introduction: PlayStation 4 Overheating Problem Solution

When i bought PS4 i noticed that after a few minutes of playing Killzone my PS4 is turning in to hairdryer.

I could send it to Sony service but i stated that if console works the problem must be in cooling system.

Step 1:

I dissembled console to pieces and my suspicions was right. The thermal paste was badly placated and thermal pads were somewhere but not on the memory chips.

Step 2:

I bought proper things, which i consider as god and i get to work.

Step 3:

Because used thermal paste doesn't conduct electricity i stated to spread whole CPU to increase surface which is radiate heat. On the memory chips i cut thermal pad and then put everything together.

Its been year since i fix it and console works cool and quiet.



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    and improve the air flow of the console, rising it just a little higher and everything runs smooth and quiet.

    good job.

    Nice 'ible

    But has anyone tried Watercooling :-)

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    No as is a modification where the water flow frm cant jst place a water unbreakable tube in

    When evetually 4.1 4k could the cpu chip be replaced intead of forking out for a new one

    Seems a little invasive, I have simply added self-adhesive floor slides under every game console I have had. It raises the console up and lets the air circulate. Never had an overheating issue, and the fan never gets its R.P.M.'s revved.

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    Where are the adhesive.s frm ive jst had a pakage returned frm epack never again came bck disc stuck in grinding loudly stupid me payed £108 ripped off took to computer store a roller was out dis assembled applyed paste the drive issue no problem since disc been removed roller been replaced fan cleaned ect


    I've just finished reading your great article ( and I'm pretty much on the same boat as you were before deciding to open it up and apply a new thermal paste. Mine makes quite some noise which kind of ruins the overall gaming experience as it can be heard even through the headphones.

    I have around a gurantee for around 6 more months and the following choices:

    1) Wait for 6 months and apply the new thermal paste after the warranty period is over. But I'm afraid this could degrade my system's longevity during those 6 months due to the overheating and also when something gets into my mind (i.e. that changing the paste could solve the problem) it's hard to go along with it without doing it.

    2) Bring the thing to Sony service and get another one. As per my online research though, people that do this usually end up and a refurbished unit that has the exact same problem (or even more severe issues).

    3) Break the warranty now, open it up and apply the new thermal paste. This of course entails the danger of doing something wrong and wasting the system but I think if I'm very careful I won't face any such issues. The other concern is that within the next 6 months a failure may manifest and I will no longer have the option to exchange my system at Sony service. However, I tend to think that since no such issue has appeared for 6 months now, it's not very likely to happen.

    Overall, since you've had this experience with a noisy/overheating ps4 and change of thermal paste, I'd like to ask you if you think it's worth it (should I void the warranty or wait for 6 months?) and which of the above three options you see more appropriate. Is your machine now running more silent for a long time?

    Finally, where did you get from all the tools that are needed to do this?

    Many thanks for you time, for your great 'eye-opening' article and your help.

    Best regards,


    I also did this to my second ps3. but my ps4 isn't doing this? so it must just be a case by case issue. I would have just told sony abouy the issue. They replaced my original ps3 when the only issues it had were over heating and the thermal plates came undone.

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    I've read a couple articles where there were a few people sabotaging PS4's by incorrectly applying the thermal paste and such.

    I did this with an old PS3 a few years back! Such an easy soluiton!

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    also nice post. voids the warranty as we all know :D