PlayStation Memory Card Labels





Introduction: PlayStation Memory Card Labels

Personalize your memory cards by adding custom labels with text or graphics.

Step 1: Measure Your Memory Card

Measure the top and side label indents of your memory card, preferably in millimeters. Here are the dimensions for the official Sony memory card.

W = 38mm (449px @300dpi)
H = 19mm (224px @ 300dpi)

W = 30mm (366px @ 300dpi)
H = 4mm (47px @ 300dpi)

When making the labels in photoshop, I used 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution, but you may use any resolution you like.

Step 2: Create the Image

Open your favorite image editor (i used photoshop), and create a new image using your measurements. Again, here are the measurements for the official Sony memory card:
W = 38mm (449px @300dpi)
H = 19mm (224px @ 300dpi)

W = 30mm (366px @ 300dpi)
H = 4mm (47px @ 300dpi)

If all you have is paint, you can use Paint.NET for this project. Paint.NET has the features needed to make the labels, and best of all, it's free! You can download it here:

Step 3: Print Your Labels

I printed the labels on white mailing address labels. The measurements of the labels are 1" x 2 5/8" and cost me around 5 dollars at Target (at the time). Here is a link to the product website:

If you have microsoft word, Avery has a label wizard, which was very easy to use. It will save you time and trouble of positioning them correctly.

I attached the images i used on my memory cards. Feel free to use them yourself!



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    dude killzone is a awesome game on the ps2 I just wish you could jump and knife people

    I Googled "ps2 memory card labels" and your instructable was the first thing in the search! Great job!

    Great! I was never a fan of the purple and teal labels that came with the memory card. I hope this is a nice, easy modification for people to get started with.


    Nice! Wangan Midnight!

    What are you asking specifically? if it's how to set the image properties in, all you have to do is goto file > new, and a window should pop up asking you for measurements.

    Pretty sweet!I know I've got some of those labels lying around,I'll have to try it.

    Awsome! Thanks for the measurements.