Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs
Finally got the spine done with some grunting, torching, protractors and calculating.

Now, the legs. First attempt with 3/4 .065 thickness carbon tubing - stuff is really hard to bend, but no zinc fumes which is one up on conduit. Conduit is easier to work with but harder to weld. I got a piece of threaded rod, I'm going to try that next.

It may not be clear from the picture below, but the lizard's lower frame and legs are one piece of wire. My problem is how to make the legs attach to the frame. Preferably removable for storage or transport. I'm thinking I'll make the two front and two rear legs one piece each. The frame body will sit on top of the leg pieces and be fastened to them rather than a butt weld or something like that.
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diode_tensegrity (author) 9 years ago
LED's are part of the description. I couldn't afford enough LED's to cover the whole body, but I plan on putting LED's along the spine and in the eyes. I want the eyes to color change slowly, perhaps dimming and brightening as well.
cool! why don't you replace the beads with leds?