Playable Angry Bird Cake - Birthday Edition





Introduction: Playable Angry Bird Cake - Birthday Edition

I was making angry bird cake for my best friend. He had requested this cake for 2 months before his birthday. Therefore, I made it for him. Angry birds game has a lot of themes, seasons, rio, etc. One that they have not create the birthday theme. So I create the new angry bird theme, birthday as you can see in the pictures.

The pig steal the gold eggs for their birthday party. Therefore, all the pig was designed with birthday stuffs such as birthday hat, balloon, etc. Instead of using the crown, the king will wear the birthday hat. A lot of gifts was added to the cake include small cake with golden eggs around it. 


2.5 lbs Fondant
1 pack skewers/toothpicks
1 pack wafer
5 whip cream
1 grass cake tip ( to make the grass)
1 box 12 food coloring
1 sling shot
1 large foam
1 small foam

The way I made it:

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    8 Discussions

    Wow.So cool. I like it very much. But i think if i want to make it, it will cost me much time.

    3 days of hard work ruined by my cousin and firecrackers inside creeper

    We're running an angry birds challenge this week, if you can come up with another angry birds themed Instructable this week, you should!

    Awesome! I love angry birds & my son is addicted to this game lol. I give you 5*

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant rate this for some reason but when they fix it i'll give 5*