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It’s become a family tradition that I make increasingly ridiculous birthday cakes for my kids each year. So with my little boy Ben turning 6-years-old over the weekend, and appreciating his love of Angry Birds, I thought I’d have a shot a making him a playable Angry Birds birthday cake with working catapult and iced birds as ammunition. You can watch the making of video as well as the rapid demolition. It took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy. More pics here:



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    I've been looking to make a Minecraft cake that can be constructed like a Minecraft building (the sort my 14 yr-old makes) for his Birthday, and from your photo it looked like you'd made some perfectly close-textured cake for your columns & lintels, until I realised these were chocolate-covered wafers. Thanks for the idea!

    That was cool! But I wish you could just say how you made it step by step :)

    Just a regular slingshot. He just mounted it extremely well into the cake so you wouldn't have to hold it down when you fired.

    Thank you for the amazing cake idea. My kids will be thrilled!

    Fantastic ! I like it.
    If you like this kind of recipe maybe you will like this recipe "Game of Thrones cake", you can watch it on
    Tell me what you think ! :)


    Dang!!! You have a great talent in making crazy cakes like that.


    Really Awesome Cake!!!!!

    Hat's off to you! What an awesome birthday cake. Good job, dad!

    I too love Angry Birds a lot. Why don't you post an Instructable of this cake in the Life.Game Competion ? I am sure you will win : )