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What time is it?
You got it,
Adventure time!

My favorite character from Adventure time is BMO.  I wanted to be him for Halloween, but not just any box with paint on it, i wanted people to be able to play games on it too.

after a little research i found a few "gameboy" style costumes that were functional utilizing a laptop, and emulator software.

i did not have a laptop to dismantle, and i wanted as big a screen as i could get. so here i compiled most of the basic working of my creation.

the main reason of this project was a Proof-of-concept,  to show it was possible to do.

this is a Low-Budget project. because the less i spend the more i have for other projects.

Step 1: How It Works:

The biggest hurtle of this project obviously is getting the screen as big as possible, while making the cabinet functional to wear. Which means you don't have much real estate inside of the case, after your body is inside, for the bits to make it work.

So i got to thinking, Whats the best way to get a giant screen?
Using a projector would allow a small package of electrics and the firepower of a large 20''x16'' screen.
A traditional projector shoots the image from behind the viewer to a screen in front. i couldn't really setup a projector and stand in front of it the whole time to let people use it, so i had to build it into the costume.

We're talking rear-projection here, folks, like those old school big screen TVs (RPTV).  Which means a special screen, and a way to flip the image so everything goes the right way. some mini projectors have the ability to flip the image to do this out of the box, which is great, but you won't get the size screen you need from 6-8" away from the screen. the way a RPTV does this is by not only using a mirror to flip the image, but also to add distance diagonally to allow the screen to get wider. the farther the image has to travel, the larger the image will be when it hits your screen, Dig?

Were did u find this "BMO kit"
i would have voted but i joined in febuary 2013 so i missed the contest:)
thanks for your support anyway! =]
Hey, can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the product in the sixth image?
if you are refering to the bmo kit, it is a rendering and is not real. <br>i found in on the googles <br>there is a website on the bottem corner of the image for more information <br>thanks! <br>
How much do the materials cost<br/>
the bulk of the costume was recycled <br> <br>cardboard &amp; paint i already had <br>garbage bag screen, a spare mirror <br> <br>the NOAC are not really scarce but its tricky finding a good one at a reasonable price. <br> <br>the most expensive thing would be the mini projector and batterys
No compys castle?
heres a list of the games built-in on a Super Joy III <br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Player_Super_Joy_III#List_of_built-in_games <br> <br>its a fantastic innovation
thanks bobby! <br>BMO 4 lyfe
dude this is amazing i have a eyeclops mini projector i voted
Algebraic! <br>i look foreward to checking out yours! <br> <br>thanks for the kind words!
This is awesome!! I'm trying to finish up my epic adventure time themed Halloween stuff so I can post an instructable for the contest too. Im so glad it's actually an instructable, most entries are just photos with little to no instruction. U have my vote!

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