Step 27: Add the strings!

Picture of Add the strings!
Once the glue is completely dry....

Tie the strings to the hinges.  If you purchased commercially available ukulele strings, they will be numbered.  The 1st string would be closest to the ground if you were holding the ukulele to play it. 

Note:  Ukulele strings do not generally go from smallest to largest, like most stringed instruments. 

Once tied to the hinges, run the strings through the tuners and start to tighten the strings to hold them in place.
wnordmann3 years ago
I think I missed the step of "completely dry" and the head of my cardboard Ukulele bent forward once I started to tighten up the strings.  

I am afraid I will have to start over from scratch.  I don't think I can get the neck to separate from the body,