This is a request from my daughter.  All of her friends have snuggies and she felt left out.  I couldn’t just let her have any old snuggie  and thus this monster was born.  Not only can coins and power-ups be put in the question boxes, there are also two built in pockets.  One for your favorite Mario characters and power-ups and the other sized for your Nintendo 3DS.  All the pipes are open on the top for character placement and three music boxes at the beginning of each level to play the corresponding music.  This quilt was done entirely by hand as my poor sewing machine finally met its end on my Monster Beanbag project.  The design was based on Super Mario 3 levels 1-1, the first Fortress and 3-5.

This quilt isn't quite ready yet, but I wanted to get it submitted in time for the game.life contest.  I hope to have it completely finish for the end of the quilting contest.

Step 1: Picking out your Fabric

I used a mixture of fleece and flannel for the quilt but I think the flannel was the better choice.  Fleece was difficult to quilt and I would suggest using all flannel or cotton for your quilt.  All these measurements takes into account that the fabric is at least 40" across with the backing needing to be 46".

Backing       5 yards
Light Blue   3 yards
Black           2 yards
Royal Blue 2 yards
Light Gray  1 yard
Tan              1 yard
Green         1/4 yard
Pink            1/4 yard
White          1/4 yard
Dark Blue  1/4 yard
Red            1/4 yard
Yellow        1/4 yard
This is really something special. Sending a patch your way.
This is absolutely AWESOME!!! :) I can't wait to make one! Just a few questions though. Why do you need 5 yards of backing? That seems like an awful lot. Also, where did you find the level music to go on the sound modules? :) Thanks in Advance!!
Thank you! Four yards would probally be more than enough. I do plan on makeing some matching pillows to go with this so I bought extra of everything. My husband found the music for me so I will have to get back to you on that one. Please post pictures when you make yours.
Dude! This is so awesome! im a college student who cant afford a sewing machine, so usually i stay away from this project, but youre resilience has inspired me to try this (when i have a bit more time, like, the summer) I may not make it a snuggie though, it may be just a blanket...<br>I have one question though, why didnt you sew the patterns onto the individual pieces (the wood pattern and the 'x' in the other boxes and whatnot) first? before sewing them into the cloth? <br>also (and sorry for the amateur questions) so, you are sewing this into the front pieces and you have a backing for the actual, blanket/snuggie, corect? <br>In any case, you are an awesome mom! Great instructable!
If you do want to sew the x's and wood grain first you will need to do it on a embroidery or quilting hoop so it stays square. I probably should have done those first but I got impatient to get it all together. I'll go ahead and add a section for that option as the x's and woodgrain stitching does not go through the backing. The only thing holding the backing to the front is the yarn and the folded edges. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have fun trying this! Post pics if you do.
Ive just finished the design that id like to do.. now to figure out how to do it... <br>I think ill use felt for a lot of the items.. that makes it a bit easier for me at least...<br>http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e179/Celesmeh/Marioquilt.jpg<br>
Awesome design!! I can't wait to see the final project. Felt sounds good, but I have never tried working with it like that. Good luck and dont forget to get a good thimble!
I got a goo thimble and have started... heres a terrible picture of what i have so far... I have cute out all of the pieces and am in the process of sewing the top of the dungeon into the fabric, im using year, that way it will loo a bit like the yoshis story game with all the cute fluffy stitching... im changing a few things as i go along but yeah...<br><br>http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e179/Celesmeh/Photo0347.jpg
It is looking great!! I think yours is coming together a lot faster than mine did. Can't wait to see more!
I'm almost done! just gotta put the backing on it!!<br>
I finished the first level, I also made coins that have velcro on the back so i can move them and stick them everywhere.. the flagpole is a zipper that i sewed with its back sewn together, so i can move the flag up and down... <br>http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e179/Celesmeh/Photo0361.jpg
Oh also one of the main differences is that ive noticed between ours is that youre embroidering everything, but im just using the yarn to show those borders, its mostly because i dont have that patience so...
Yeah, some of the fabric I used would fray to badly if I used just yarn. But it seems to be working great with the felt. Keep me updated! I'm lovin what you are doing.
IM making the design now! Mine will be smaller, 40x50 inches at the front... for now i want just a blanket or a cover *i also cant make anything as big as that without feeling completely overwhelmed!* ill post pics of my design ^^
this is totally super awesome!
This is beyond awesome.
Hehe, love the two pairs of feet poking out the bottom...
My husband and son. Such good helpers.
could you inclued the charts for making these please
Im uploading some right now but not the ones I already made yet. I should have all uploaded by Monday. Thanks for looking!
Thank you so much
I just added quite a few more patterns if you want to check them out!
Wait, you've done most of this BY HAND? You're both insane and awesome.<br /><br />Excellent stuff.
Who doesn't love something Mario themed!?!? Looks good so far. Keep up the hard work. Sorry to hear your sewing machine died. Hope you finish in time!

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