Introduction: Playbill Display!

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Just a quick and easy way to display playbills - or anything you wanted!

Step 1: Supplies

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1 - 36" x 11.75" poster frame (the one where you pull apart the sides - I got mine from A.C. Moore, but the photo attached is from amazon)

2 - wrapping paper (I bought all different colors from the dollar store)

3 - things you want to display (I used playbills - at most I could fit six into one frame)

4 - scissors

5 - Scotch tape

6 - Double-sided tape (I used a scrap-booking dispenser thing - again, got it from A.C. Moore - you could also use glue dots, etc.)  

Step 2: Open Up the Frame

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Pull all four black sides off the frame to open

take out the display paper

Clean off the clear "glass" of the frame

Step 3: Create the Background

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Using the wrapping paper, wrap the backing of the frame just like a present but only the front! 

Make sure to leave the hanging tabs open on the back or you won't be able to hang it!

Step 4: Arrange the Display

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Once you've created the background, flip the board around and arrange your display

If you're a little obsessive, like me, you could use a ruler to make sure everything is even.

Use the double sided tape (or glue dots) to keep the display in place

Step 5: Put the Frame Back Together

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Arrange the "glass" front of the frame and put the back sides back on

Step 6: Admire Your Handiwork!

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Congrats! You're done!


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