There is a certain kind of glamour that surrounds the idea of the Playboy Club and the open acceptance that human beings like and want sex. I wore my bunny costume to one of the craziest Monday night parties in Chicago for Halloween. I did not anticipate the power this costume commanded in a crowd of +600 people.

There are many connotations around the Playboy Bunny. Some connotations are negative but you cannot deny that women who worked in the Playboy clubs of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s had the opportunity to make a good living for themselves at a time when that was extremely difficult to do.

This tutorial covers making a pattern for a custom fit Bunny Suit, the construction, and a few tips for styling the look.

Step 1: Basic Elements and Inspiration

I spent a considerable amount of time researching the costume. I assembled a mood board of photos that showed the bunny costumes throughout the years the clubs were open. Some of the style lines changed, as well as the accessories worn.

The core elements of the bunny costume
- The Bunny Suit - a strapless playsuit cut like a maillot swimsuit complete with tail
- Bunny Ears on a headband
- Cuffs with cufflinks on each wrist
- Collar with bow-tie
- To-the-waist stockings
- Closed toe high heels in black or match the color of the bunny suit

I created a technical sketch of what I wanted my bunny costume to look like (ears not pictured) so I would have a basis for reference while patterning. I drew my sketch in Illustrator over a tech sketch body form. A hand draw sketch works just as well as long as you can tell what everything is supposed to be!
<p>Thanks so much for your Instructable! It really helped me with making a costume for our local high school production of &quot;Legally Blonde: The Musical.&quot;</p><p>Here's a link to my blog with the details:</p><p>http://thereshesews.blogspot.com/2015/03/costumes-for-legally-blonde-musical.html</p>
something really bold and facinating..well done
<p>This was a great tutorial! It was very overwhelming at first, but the individual steps were explained very well. This was the first detailed pattern I've ever made, and my costume came out just as planned!</p>
I'm really interested in attempting this project. Can you tell me about how many yards of each material you used? Thanks!
For years I've wanted a playboy bunny costume for Halloween so tonight I googled it. I know because of copyright I cannot buy one. My cousin does a lot of charity gigs at the mansion and I've asked her to help me out. lol Anyway, I was super excited to see your tutorial!! Thank you for taking the time to make it. I'm not sure I'll tackle the project. It looks like it is over my head, but if I get brave at least I'll know how to get started. Thanks for sharing your work!
It's great that you spent the time and effort to post this project-kudos! However, I've been sewing for 20 years and I found the instructions lacking in important details and overall descriptions. I was very frustrated and abandoned these instructions and made my own pattern from piecing together store bought patterns. I would not recommend these instructions especially to inexperienced sewers. Although &quot;antibromide&quot; had better experience-kudos to her? too-must be a better person than me. I am very glad I didn't pay the $24 for the required year subscription in order to download. I am making this for a play so I am obligated to provide a finished costume. I spent many frustrated and fruitless hours trying to follow. Sorry for negative comments. I do appreciate your time and talent-and I did get some help, but I have just been so frustrated and want to share with others who may have had same frustration.
Hi, I'm Carly and I'm known around the internet as Antibromide. I created, photographed, and wrote the instructions in this tutorial so you don't need to reference me in third person. As many of the people who follow my posts here and on other blogs where I publish my work know, I don't make basic, beginner level projects. I make all of my own patterns and these instructions were written with an attempt to not force people into creating a bodice and pants sloper before even beginning. <br><br>If you have sewn commercial patterns for those 20 years, I can understand why this project seemed like it was on a completely different playing field. Store bought patterns are ill-fitting at best and tell you to use sewing techniques that are inappropriate for good results but are easy to describe in limited space. <br><br>I'm sorry you spent so much time trying to figure things out. Had you simply posted questions on the steps that confused you, I would have been happy to attempt to re-explain the step to clear up any confusion. Your vague statement about feeling &quot;frustrated and want to share with others who may have had same frustration&quot; doesn't give me much guidance on where my instructions are lacking so I can make changes to alleviate problems others may encounter. <br><br>You seem to be confused about the $24 subscription. With a pro-membership (for $24/year) you can download a pdf file that contains the entire instructable exactly as it is shown here and for every single other project posted to this amazing community by it's fantastic knowledgable members. You don't get anything more or less than you do by paging through the project on your browser. <br>-Carly | Antibromide
Im so impressed you made that from a pattern!
It was a surprisingly easy pattern to make. In the scheme of patterning, it took very few measurements and was easily customizable!
great detail and photos, awesome!

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