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Introduction: Player Piano

This is a piano I made many years ago out of a box of clementines, some black cardboard I found on the street, two picture hanger hooks (for the pedals) parts from a wooden drying rack (also salvaged from the street) and an old broken music box. I printed the keyboard and the lid swivels shut with pin hinges. I painted the exterior of the piano lid (from the clementine box) with a sharpie, then varnished it with nail polish -- I could have painted the interior of the cover too, but I liked to see the old clementine box markings. The whole doll house was build with found and recycled materials and I didn't want to hide that with a too polished finish...

Just for fun I added photos of some of the other dollhouse furnishings, also made with mostly recycled stuff. Tiles and carpets were discarded architectural samples, parquet flooring was made from popsicle sticks pulled off of my (then) toddler's artwork (with his full approval: he informed me he had intentionally used an excessive amount so I could recycle the parts....). The chair was made with the wires and cap of a champagne bottle. The shell of the house itself was hauled home on a rainy trash day, and it was painted with left-overs found in my apartment building's basement.



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Years ago, I asked my wife (at the time) if she would rather I gift her a player piano or an electric organ. She chose the electric organ, and divorced me a few months later because she no longer had a use for me.

I liked the player piano better. I like yours just as much.

Congratulations on being a winner in the Big and Small contest!

This is adorable! I've always loved making tiny things.

Just by winding up the music box.... I didn't go quite as far as making the keys go down each time a note was played..... So I guess technically it isn't a player piano.