Step 3: Mount Knee Servos to Legs

Mount 4 of your servos on the leg segments with the foam rubber feet. Use 2.3 x 8mm self tapping screws.
Make sure the output shaft is away from the foot as shown in the photo. 
<p>And also how do u protect the wires, like for a kid? can you build a outer layer for the robot dog or you leave it like it is?</p>
<p>Is there a off switch to the playful puppy? like if someone was going to bed, can the person shut off the puppy or is it automatic </p>
<p>Kit available for purchase here: </p><p><br></p><p>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__44612__Playful_Puppy_Robotic_Kit_with_ATmega8_Control_Board_and_IR_Sensor.html</p>
This is great. I like how it conveys a playful personality.
Thanks! I think a lot of it is because this robot is focused on the person and responds to the persons movements.
hi.. is it possible to use ultrasonic range finder instead of IR compound? thnx
<p>Russell,</p><p>Do you still have kits for the playful puppy robot still available for purchase? If so, where can I go to get one?</p>
How much did thing dog cost you
Where can I buy these items from
<p>Sir can you please provide a link where i can buy the chassis.</p>
<p>hello sir can i get the code please...........</p>
<p>where i can get the code ????????</p>
hello ,sir i find the same chase of the robot with 8 servo but don't know how to program these 4 leg to work .Can you help me by given some simple instruction to program the micro controller because i want to use it to control over cell phone.
If you look at step 23: &quot;Installing the software&quot; there is a link where you can download the code.
hello. i buy the Playful Puppy Robot on the U.S'.but i can't find the cable which is used to connect the computer and the robot.so i can't download the software to it.i want to know how to solve the problem?thank you
It is just a standard USB A to mini B cable.
i found the same chassis <br>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__26275__QuadBot_4_Legged_Robot_Chassis_Kit_.html
Did these come in the kit? I don't see any in mine
Yes. It should be in the kit.
Hey I really liked the bot! :D <br>Along with being playful, can it be made so that it will say, emit some sound if it detects excess heat nearby?
how much is the over-all cost of the puppy bot.
What is the original jumper mentioned below in the article? <br> <br>&quot;If you want your robot to stand on it's hind legs with NiMh batteries then you may need to leave the diode out and use the original jumper.&quot;
The Magician board comes with several jumpers. The one for selecting servo power is normally replaced with a 3A diode to reduce the voltage to the servos which are only rated at 6V.
how do i make something similar with the servos connected to a rx and having it as just a rc walking robot (i want to attach it to a quadcopter so that i can use 2 tx rx to have a quadrupedcopter
Hi,<br>we're searching for someone that could help us with this Puppy Robot that we bought some weeks ago.<br>We try to install the driver, but it doesn't work. Infact, my OS (Windows 7) says that there's an error during the installation. I also have another problem: when I try to upload the sample code on the board, I have an error that says &quot;Cannot find serial port COM33&quot;, and I also can't select a serial port, 'cause the bar &quot;Serial Port&quot;, is grey. I've tryed to work with another OS (Windows XP) but it still doesn't work.<br>Thanks,<br>Andrea from Italy!
cool! dog
Awesome! How much was the QuadBot though? I can't access any site that sells them on this computer. :/
There are a quite a few shops that sell them. Robot Shop, CustoBots are two I can think of in America. Robosavvy sells them in the UK. There are more if you look around. <br><br>They usually sell for about $50 - $55 USD which includes 8 servos so it's pretty good value for money.<br><br>The eye sells for about $9 USD.
<strong>Oh my!</strong> This looks so <em>very well documented</em>.<br> <br> Give the man a laser cutter prize!
i want to say &quot;GOOD&quot;!
this is awesome can you tell me where i can get the parts in Australia?
There are at least 2 online stores in Australia that sell DAGU products. Little Bird Electronics and Robot Gear.<br><br>Even if they don't have it in stock I'm sure they could order it in for you.
It is pretty neat but I don't know what my cat would make of it. BTW I got my cat for free. He just came and knocked on my door one night and has been living here like it is his house ever since.
Well there is no reason you cannot rewrite the program to make this a KittyBot. At least your cat won't burry it in the back yard while your at work.<br><br>

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