Recently my wife and I started playing cars with some friends, one of them has MS, so it is harder for him to hold larger numbers of cards, more than ten. So I started to look for something to help him and for my children also.

I came up with this easy fix after looking at a few others.

Step 1: Supplies

Things you need
A old CD
Duct Tape
Binder clip

Step 2: What I Came Up With

I took a old CD and I tried to score it and snap it just off center, did not work, tried a saw, it did not work, so I grabbed a medical shears that had little ridges in the cutting edge, cut it off center and taped the bottom edge with duct tape, and the just used a binder clip to keep the two halves together so they hold the cards.

I cut it off center so that the back would be a little higher so that it is easier to slide the card into the holder.
I also tried two smaller clips and that worked well too.

I hope you can use this idea.
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<p>This is brilliant! It will be so simple to make them as needed just about anywhere.</p>

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