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Hi this is my first Instructable so I'm sorry for the blurry images or anything else. I came up with this since I hade an old deck of cards I didn't use and was sick of my boring usb. So I came up with this you can recycle and have a cool looking USB.


Step 1: Supplies

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- Any type of USB drive
-Scissors or something to cut with
-Any playing card ( I used a Joker because it looks cool.)
-Tape, Hot Glue or some adhesive

Step 2: Cut the Card

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First step is to cut the card to fit the shape of your USB.

Step 3: Attaching the Card to Your USB

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My USB slides out so I had to do the front in two seperate pieces. To attach the pieces apply the adhesive your using to the card. Then stick the card to the USB. Do this for all pieces.

Step 4: Complete

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You have completed your playing card USB. Enjoy.


smashman (author)2015-11-01

good bro

OT4 (author)2012-07-10


cards3 (author)OT42012-07-11


xavec (author)2011-07-15

neat idea for customising :)

cards3 (author)xavec2012-02-11


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