Are you a poker fan? Want a wallet that describes you? Then make a poker card wallet!

Step 1: Get Materials

Take a deck of cards (new ones would be nice, but I am using ancient cards). You will need at least four cards, but add more if you want card (ha-ha) pockets.

You can use face cards, or ones that show your PIN number (in case you forget), or even ones that state your birthday.

I will be using face cards.

You will also need tape, either clear packaging tape, or scotch tape. If you use clear packaging tape, you can make a view for id cards.

And scissors
Awesome :)))) Thanks a lot :))))) I just tried it today :)))
<p>Man, when my custom deck gets old and gunky and I can't do anymore flourishes, I am DEFINITELY making this. Thanks for sharing!</p><p>Here's what my deck looks like (for bragging purposes) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00F94U63S/ref=sr_ph_1?m=A2CF2LC7YOWUB8&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1439169528&amp;sr=sr-1&amp;keywords=ignite+deck </p>
i made a trifold with aces, kings, a 6,and a 9 LOVE THE WALLET MAN
ty man, love it. awesome instructable. cudos to you
great for school, keeps my i.d. and a couple extra buck, all while showing off my poker? card trick hobby's!
I have made several types of these "card wallets" and I'm going to try this design next.
lol, dollar store, going out of business, 30% off, rl cheap deck of cards
nice I just made one,I used aces and kings
i saw another person instructable on how to make a card wallet, then i came up with my own design similar to urs, until i found this ty!
i like it!
you made me three dollars richer with this thing. one of my friends saw me whip one out and wanted one real bad so i told him id make one for $3 anyway thx 4 sharing
cool! very fun and exciting!=)<br/>
cool wallet 8) hope u win

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