Playing Cards Earphone Holder





Introduction: Playing Cards Earphone Holder

Tired of messy, tangled or lost earphones? In 5 minutes, you can makes this earphone holder that keeps them tidy while your not playing your favourite tunes.

Step 1: Gather and Draw

You will need:
- at least 3 playing cards
- scissors
- glue
- hole punch
- pen or pencil

Draw on your first card how you want the holder to look. I made mine 2cm from the top of the card and 1cm in.

Step 2: Cut and Glue

Cut out your template on the first card, round the edges and glue onto the next card.

Using the first card as a guide, cut out the same area as on the first card and repeat for as many cards as you use.

Step 3: Punch

Now punch one hole in the centre of one end and on the other end 2 evenly spaced holes.

Cut slits from the edge of the card to the holes.

Wrap your earphones up and you are done

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Great idea its really cool (i used 4 cards) :)