Step 2: Pawn Movement

Pawns only move forward. On the first move a pawn can move one or two spaces, every subsequent move can only be one space. Pawns move diagonally to take opponents.

Pawn Promotion:
If a pawn reaches the opposite side of the board, it is promoted to a higher piece (except king). There is no limit to how many pawns can be promoted.
<p>One detail you might not have been clear on... A threat or &quot;check&quot; on a king can also be destroyed by capturing the piece making the attack. Movement and blocking are not the only options.</p>
<p>I don't really get what it means when they 'continously move in a line'. Does that mean that when once you move them you don't stop?</p>
<p>It means they can move anywhere along a straight line and stop wherever you want. On a subsequent turn, they can change direction, but still move in a straight line up to where you decide to stop.</p>
I am new at this.My grandson is into Chess and asks me to play with him. He is teaching me, but I find it very hard to undestand it. But I will learn for the sake of my grandson.
<p>you are the sweetest grand parent ever &lt;3 </p>
<p>Thanks - you can always learn something new.</p>
Great job. I love chess, very fun, especially when you beat people to see their reactions. Great job once again, I feel like playing it right now!
Lots of online sites for it , I run chess club at my sons school , check around your area and see if there is a club .......I just found one here ... hadent played an adult in a few years and enjoyed getting beat
I just started a chess club in my sons school too. I will need any help I can get. Please, send me some links to sites with instructions. Thx
bravo for the effort to educate the new batch of chess noises. 5 stars. when I was in chess club back in school I expected to learn new thing to help beat my dad but every one of them had on idea to develop strategies. I can't tell you how many disappointingly short games I played.
Thats interesting. I've been playing chess since I was 15 and I have never, ever heard of that move. cool beans
you should mention en passant. although its rare, it does happen and can be useful. maybe you did mention it and i missed it though. either way, nice illustrations.
Step 9 explains En Passant. I thought of putting it with pawn movement, but I decided to put it as a "Special Move" along with castling.

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