Introduction: Playing Shapes Tutorial

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With this tutorial you'll learn how to make the square, triangle and circle shape. The techniques you'll learn are just the basics, but it'll help you to be familiar working with wires and pliers.

Step 1: Square Shape

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Cut 30cm length of copper wire. Using the tip of your round nose pliers bend the tip of the wire to start with. Then use your flat nose pliers to make a few more bends and create angles, forming a square shape. 

Step 2:

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When you're nearing the end of the wire, make a loop and make another loop at the tip of the wire.

Step 3: Triangle Shape

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Cut another wire and bend the tip. 

Step 4:

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Continue bending, making 3 sides like that of a triangle shape. 

Step 5:

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When you're nearing the end of the wire, make a loop and another loop at the tip.

Step 6: Circle Shape

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Cut the same length of wire. With your round nose pliers make a loop at the tip of the wire. 

Step 7:

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Grip the loop with your flat nose pliers. Bend the longer wire downwards with your left hand while you move the pliers upward, in a circular direction. 

Step 8:

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When you're nearing the end make the loops.

Step 9:

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Now assemble the shapes by linking each other onto the loops with a jump ring. You now have a bracelet!  Hope you like it!

I have posted the full steps on my blog. There is also a free tut on how to create the clasp. Cheers!


Pixie Puddle (author)2012-09-24

effective yet simple, love it, not made jewellery before assume it would work the same with a silver wire?

diylesson (author)Pixie Puddle2012-09-24

Hello Pixie Puddle :)

Yes, the steps will work on silver wire.


Pixie Puddle (author)diylesson2012-10-01

Cool, will give it a go then :) copper makes my arm go green, :)

pudtiny (author)2012-09-20

Looks very effective, do you use pliers that have no serrations for grip on them so it doesn't mark the wire?

diylesson (author)pudtiny2012-09-20

Hello pudtiny,

There are pliers specifically for jewelry making. Yes, the pliers I use do not have serrations.


scoochmaroo (author)2012-09-19

Fun! I definitely ned to try this. I like being able to create a piece of jewelry with very limited supplies.

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