This is a simple circuit to play wav files using arduino Nano V3.0 ,it consist from 4 buttons ,each one play specific wav file loaded to SD card.

Step 1: Parts

1- Arduino Nano V3.0 (I used the chines version called Funduino Nano).
2- SD card Module.
3- SD card.
4- Bread Board.
5- four push Button .
6- four 22K resistors.
7- one 4.7K resistor.
8- BC546B NPN transistor.
9- Speaker.
10- wires.
<p>its working</p>
<p>Great Work,Congrats.</p>
<p>Hai Husham, How do you do?</p><p>recently i tried this for my final project. but this was not working at all. i used wav files u provide. was theere something wrong on my wiring? thanks</p>
<p>try to remove the transistor and connect a head phone ,if you hear something that's mean that you connect the transistor wrongly ,if not check the connection again ,and have a look on below comments ,you may find the solution. </p>
<p>sir,is the circuit in the above was connected to pc????</p>
<p>You will need the PC to upload the code only ,after that you can power it up with out source 5 volt .</p>
<p>Very good, but how can I improve the quality of sound?</p>
<p>Well ,I suggest to buy MP3 module with serial support and connect it to arduino ,in this way you can send command from arduino to play MP3 file with good quality.</p>
<p>sir is this the above one BC546B NPN transistor.???????</p>
<p>BC546B NPN transistor.</p>
<p>sir,</p><p>4.7 k ohm resistor of 1/4 watt or something other??</p>
<p>yes 4.7</p>
<p>sir,is the circuit in the above was connected to pc????</p>
<p>hi Husham, i hope you are doing good.</p><p>i m making a project in which i m using ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacle and then arduino play an audio(that we recorded and converted into .wav of 128kbps bitrate: which is compulsory)</p><p>THE ISSUE IS, the output(our recorded sound) comes out with lots of noise, we put another random audio it went out fine.</p>
<p>hi friend,</p><p>I faced the same problem, in the same project. Have you considered using the following functions to play the beeps?</p><p>tone(buzzer_pin,frequency); </p><p>delay(milisseconds); </p><p>* in my project i wanted to use human voices when a obstacle was detected. I used the library PCM.h (you can read more in <a href="http://highlowtech.org/?p=1963" rel="nofollow">http://highlowtech.org/?p=1963</a>). </p><p>I figured some days after the problem was the quality of the record I generated. Try to keep it in focus. </p><p>Good look in your project.</p>
<p>Hi can I play some mp3 sound if I convert them to WAV for example I have mp3 sound of my voice and I want to convert it to WAV and play it via Arduino</p>
<p>Hi Ahmed ,</p><p>yes you can but the quality of the voice will be bad ,so it's better to use MP3 module instead of this way. </p>
<p>Hey, I had some questions. i used a BC547B, i built my circuit as shown in the pictures below, i converted my files to .wav format. the problem is, my code complies, but when i push the buttons, no sound is produced. </p><p>also i used an uno board </p><p>thank you!</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I notice from your picture that pin 4 in arduino not connected ,it should be connected to CS pin in SD card. </p>
<p>me too, just finished everything....it compiles just fine but no sound (if I put my ear really close to the speaker I can hear static).My push buttons have two outputs instead of one so I connected them differently (don't know if that is the problem)</p>
@sophocha the only other to do is trouble shoot and make sure your circuit is correct. It could be the smallest of errors.
<p>me too, just finished everything....it compiles just fine but no sound (if I put my ear really close to the speaker I can hear static).My push buttons have two outputs instead of one so I connected them differently (don't know if that is the problem)</p>
Also trying to integrate lights to mine. I want an LED to blink when the button is pressed and then the sound plays, u have momentary switches that have LEDs
<p>Hey I'm planing on using an Arduino Mega to do the same thing, what pins would i connect the SD card reader to? Thank you </p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>Read SD library information for arduino Mega in below link</p><p>https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/SD </p>
<p>Thumbs up indeed...</p><p> I am trying to make a talking bust that picks the files randomly..can you please help with the code only the part that generates the random call please ??</p>
<p>to get random number you need to use arduino random(min,max) command with switch/case statements ,try to understand these two commands then you will able to modify the code.</p><p>the issue that I used my arduino board in another project so I don't have the circuit to test your request.</p><p>good luck. </p>
Nice tutorial!
<p>Hey, I had some questions. i used a BC547B, i built my circuit as shown in the pictures below, i converted my files to .wav format. the problem is, my code complies, but when i push the buttons, no sound is produced. </p><p>also i used an uno board </p><p>thank you!</p>
<p>Hello, I really liked this project. Right now I'm doing a piano with Arduino Mega 2560, and I'll use 12 buttons for the keys. Can I use the same 22k ohms resistors to 12 buttons? It works only with 2 pins connected, the 3rd pin no longer plays. If you don't fully understand what I ask, I apologize for my English.</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>you can not connect 1 resistor instead of 12 resistors because each resistor connected to specific pin in arduino , also if you want to make a piano ,the best way is by using tone command instead of this method.</p>
<p>Hi Husham</p><p>Firstly I hope you are safe where you are so to for your country's future.</p><p>I have project to build similiar to this .</p><p>I have a panel with 30 buttons and want to have 30 different waves sound for each one. Of course the board only hace limited inputs. Can you help a little with this?</p><p>Thanks you</p>
<p>Thanks Felwin,</p><p>I will suggest you to use one analog input for multiple buttons by connecting different type of resisters ,just search in google (Arduino analog input for multiple buttons ) to understand the concept.</p><p>Also there is MP3 module support multiple buttons without using Arduino ,Search for the below and take a look on the datasheet :</p><p>MP3 FN-M16P Embedded MP3 Audio Module Datasheet</p>
<p>Hello Husham Samir, could you please explain how I would set up the MP3 FN-M16P Embedded MP3 Audio Module with 4 buttons to play 4 different and short drum sounds. (The idea is to be able to play the drum sounds triggered by 4 foot operated switches to accompany my guitar playing) . I would want to play the sounds through an amplifier.</p><p>Thanking you in anticipation,</p><p>Dave.</p>
<p>I've attempted this but there is a crackle and a beep but I don't know how to define the buffsizes or the fullspeed, do I include these into the provided code?</p>
<p>How would i create this so it could play wav files at a certain date/time? instead of buttons</p>
<p>Hey! Mine worked straight away but has anyone got any &quot;clicking&quot; noise about 3 &quot;click&quot; sounds per second?</p><p>I get the music tracks I copied but I also get these clicks over the music. When I play the same files on my PC, I hear no click, just the music as expected.</p><p>Any suggestions?</p>
<p>FYI: From the library's page<br><a href="https://github.com/TMRh20/TMRpcm/wiki">https://github.com/TMRh20/TMRpcm/wiki</a><br>Under Common Issues:</p><p>...</p><p>2.Popping or clicking when music is playing<br> If pops or clicks are heard during playback, it is most likely that buffer underruns are occurring or the volume is just too high.<br> Ensure that #define SD_FULLSPEED is uncommented in pcmConfig.h. The value in #define buffSize 128 can be increased to provide<br> additional memory for playback, which will reduce these issues. Audio can be encoded at a lower sample rate otherwise.<br></p><p>...</p>
<p>I have recorded my audio file as 512 bytes buffer ..can i play my 512 buffer audio with this code, but i have read somewhere that only 128 buffer audio can be played by using this TMRpcm library...</p>
<p>Nice and simple! It's been a pleasure to mount this schema and many, many thanks for providing everything we need to do it!!</p><p>Specially the sample sounds. I've tried to make my own and the first attempt has been a partial success: it sounds but too low... Volume matters, in deed!! Thanks a lot.</p>
<p>Success!! Thank you to Gutisie for all your suggestions! It seems the audio converter I was using must not have been getting things into the right format. I tried a different online .wav converter and BOOM... It worked just fine. I really appreciate the advice though. </p><p>This is one of those head-smacking &quot;doh&quot; moments </p>
<p>Posted this a few months ago and I'm still at a loss. Any help would be appreciated:</p><p>Hello! This instructable is awesome, and I appreciate your writing it. I am, however, having major issues getting my audio files to play. I have gotten the whole set up working using the sample files, but I cannot get mine to play.</p><p>I have converted the files to 8bit 16 kHz mono wav files, and have tried multiple attempts with naming conventions with no luck. The files play fine on my computer (degraded in quality somewhat due to the 8bit 16 kHz factor, but certainly more recognizable the fuzz I'm getting out of the speaker in my set up).</p><p>Thanks for any help anyone could give me in this. I have multiple DAWs and am capable of manipulating the audio files however is necessary, but I'm at a loss of what to try.</p>
<p>hi, did you get any luck? i have same problem. converted my files to the required setting but still nothing.</p>
<p>No luck yet. I'm at a loss of what else to try. I'm working on a mac, but I can't imagine how that would matter. I've tried everything I could think of. At this point I've entirely abandoned the project out of frustration. I'd love to make it happen, but it doesn't seem like its going to work for me. Certainly give a reply back if you figure it out though! Most of my arduino project ideas require this functionality at the core of their purpose.. kind of a bummer. </p>
<p>i think you forgot to put the delay:</p><p>tmrpcm.play(&quot;1a.wav&quot;); </p><p> delay(6000);</p><p>for me its that long as my intro wav file is nearly a min long.</p>
<p>Good thought! I have been holding down the button, however, to let the sound play completely</p>
<p>hi, i figured out!! it is the volume, basically your computer has better speakers than the little one, and better gain, so i found out with audacity that increasing the db levels i can hear them, so i have got me an amplifier module booster for arduino, sort of like a volume control. I hope that helps.</p><p>Or if you are not too bothered with distortion, then amplifly the audio with audify and export it, remember the &quot;save as other formats&quot;, then in option click the 8 bits unsigned, and wav (windows). that will do the trick.</p>
<p>Hello Friend! Thanks so much for your replies. After a few months of my life being too busy for side projects I'm finally back to it, and I appreciate the help! </p><p>I don't think my files were playing out of my computer much/any quieter than the sample files were. I will, however, definitely give boosing them a shot. </p>
<p>hi,</p><p>Do you have more buttons than 4? are you compiling code with more than 4 buttons, but you only have 4 connected? if you do, that is why you get noice etc...</p><p>in code buttons pins are to 5 volts but if you dont connect pins in arduino to the 5 volts with the resistor then your code will not work.</p><p>so that is why when you compile only 4 buttons it works, but when you put 5 or 6, if they are not wired, it doesnt work.</p><p>any way...just trying to help.</p>

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