Picture of Playing card USB Case
This case is snug fitting and will fashionably protect your flash drive or other usb device.

Step 1: Step 1 - Materials

Picture of Step 1 - Materials
1 - USB Device
1 - Pen/marker
1 - Pair of Scissors
1 - Ruler or straightedge
1 - Bottle of krazy/nail glue (You could use tape or regular glue as well)
Approx 20 - Playing cards

(Not In The First Picture) I found later in the process of making the case that a razor blade or exacto knife can be very helpful.
Diy geek 1 month ago

awesome idea i need a flash drive so....

donicamm4 years ago
Monoblack control is the only way to go.
Ward_Nox5 years ago
CLever way to use a cool card you have a ton of (like the land cards for example)
Nah I wouldn't use lands. I would use useless red cards, Who in the right mind would play a red deck? A black white and green deck has served me well over about a year.
Black Blue for the win! Also Red decks are unfair, unfun and uninventive.
Or Circles of Protection, I swear those were almost as common as land cards. I've got a box with 2 inches of CoPs... lol
Those would be great for protecting your drive!
Skwalin5 years ago
Very nice instructible, I would have done this last step differently, however. Instead of leaving both outside cover cards in half, I would have added one, or possible two that where un-cut to the "cap" of the USB drive (if you were to add them to the base, you wouldn't be able to plug the drive in). This would conceal the usb drive even more.
emperos Skwalin5 years ago
A problem that I found for that is that the cards warp slightly when they are glued. This might be a problem of the cards I chose, but because of it, if I put cards like these on, they wouldn't warp as much as the body. That would make it look strange. Good idea, though. Maybe if I used better cards it would have helped...
cory1156 (author)  emperos5 years ago
the magic cards i used did not warp at all. What type of cards did you choose to try?
I used some old Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.that could be the problem, or maybe my cards were just a bit warped originally and I didn't notice. I think the best option for Skwalin's idea would be playing cards, though. Then you can just keep them in the box to make sure the cap doesn't fall off and get lost.
Ganoderma5 years ago
I've been thinking of doing this with a mini deck of cards. But I lost those cards :(
chwbcc5 years ago
Very cool, You could also reduce the card count and the work cutting things out by using craft foam to create the thickness.
cory1156 (author)  chwbcc5 years ago
Yes, I thought about that and saw a similar instructable that uses cardboard for the thickness, but I really wanted the look and feel of a stack of cards.
You are the first I've seen in awhile who uses Magic: The Gathering cards. I haven't played in so long but it is truly an amazing game