This instructable shows you how to play mp3 files on Raspi to the Jack.

Step 1: Starting

Start Raspi and write login:
sudo su

Step 2: Getting the Files to Raspi

Plug in USB and copy mp3 to Desktop

Step 3: Going to Folder With Mp3

cd .. for 3 times
cd ./root/
cd ./Desktop
Than you are in Desktop

Step 4: Play It!!!

And now you can use installed program omxplayer. Write:
omxplayer (name of file).mp3
And you can listen to headphones. :D
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<p>Thanks for this wonderful information for a rookie Pi user. The instructions worked fine.</p>
<p>You don't need to call cd five times...<br><br>cd ~/Desktop</p><p>Once.</p>
How do you undo it?. My terminal use to be white now is black. How do I undo it ?
<p>Did you go into the terminal from the GUI? To close the terminal and view the GUI again just type </p><p>exit</p><p>and &lt;enter&gt; .</p>
<p>Sorry, I don&acute;t know what is the problem, because my terminal is allways black :/</p>
<p>Very cool! </p>

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