My 2012'Summer project has been  to build up a Playmobil house for my son what fits whit the "henhouse" which he currentlyalready has.

To make it a little bit more interesting I plan not to spend anything but finally, I'm tired of seeking materials and finally I buy some of them... Without exceeding 7$, compared with the 120$ to 260$ prices playmobil houses on ebay... really cheap!

To build it I use the following Bill of Materials:
- Scrap "wood", picked from the rear plate of a wardrobe, in my case, the measurements are something like 80x180cm. (0$)
-"Wood batten" 2,5mtrs x 1cm. x1cm. (4$)
-6little hinges. (2,20$)
-1 box of little fasteners (20x6mm). (0,80$)
-Rapid drying white glue. (already had it)
-Contact glue.(already had it)
-some other scrap materials like plastic profile, wire... etc...

For the tools, I use:
-Jigsaw, with "clean and curve cutting saw",
-"Mitter saw",
-A Dremel tool with some implements.

Step 1: Planning

For the plans I sketch an orthographic view of the house I got in mind, and few days after, I convert it to a more defined blueprint (with MS Word!). But I don't know if I did it well because I made the blueprint without thinking too much, and the width of the wood I use differs from the one I planned, and after it, when I cut all the pieces, I needed to discard some of them and cut it again...

Because of that, I do not stress the measurements of the house, if somebody wants to build one like this one, you need to take your own measurements of the different rooms/spaces he/she wants...

The only thing you really need to keep in mind is that: Playmobil figures measure 7,5cm tall, and 5cm width.

In my plans, I need to bear in mind is about the henhouse I want to put against the wall of the farmyard, measure 11cm width and 10,5 cm high.

For the different roofs, the height one to another I plan to be 10cm.
<p>Nice work</p>
<p>Thanks, is an old project, now I will do it slightly different, but my sons continue playing with this house yet!</p>
Nice work! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks to you!
very nice project!
Thanks! <br>;-)
Very nice. I tried to make one too (based on my own plan), but I found I can't cut straight enough with the saw (I think we even have the same Bosch saw) and I don't have a sander to correct any errors, so I gave up. <br>The engravings are a nice touch. I also liked the mechanics behind the instructable, the batten sticks, the custom ruler and the way of construction in general. <br>Anyhow, you gave me ideas, and I'll try again. Thanks a lot. <br> <br>PS Seeing this house, I wondered for the Nth time why we don't see more instructables including Playmobil mods, houses, customizations.
You are welcome! <br>And that's it What I prefer when I dive into instructables.com the ideas the people gave me and how they solved the difficulties... <br>And yes I think the same about the absence of playmobil mods... Maybe is about isn't an american toy, and they have much popularity in Europe than in Amerikas... I don't know... <br> <br>And if you build up this house... We want photos and the instructable!
Ah, I thought you maybe were European, when I saw the Bosch and the marker you used (Staedler with two tips?). I am also European. Due to work, I don't have much time, but I made some thoughts about Playmobil-related projects and maybe later, on the winter, I'll make an instructable or two. <br>I am also looking for ideas into instructables, the only sad think is when I find something of a good project that I know is beyond my capabilities, for example surface mounted circuits. I am making the thought, that maybe if someone (that applies to you) comes up with a good instructable like the house you made, there might be others inspired and we may soon see more.
Yes, I' from S-Pain...<br>And I have the same time problem, When My son is sleeping I can do something, but when I do the Big Part of the work is in weekends and holidays...<br><br>&quot;I am making the thought, that maybe if someone (that applies to you) comes up with a good instructable like the house you made, there might be others inspired and we may soon see more.&quot; Hope it too!<br><br>Cheers!
I am from Greece... and making projects is one way to keep me sane these days... <br> <br>Cheers to you too!
Jeje! We are from the opposite sides of the sea, but on the same side of <strike>falsehood</strike> economy top level countries!!
Good work! <br>I like the additions around the windows and the flap back roof. <br>Will you do furniture too ? <br> <br>
I'm thinking on it, Maybe I do in origami... in paper or plastic...
OOOOOOO MAN! I want one! Ahem! Ahem! I will make one for my kid! Thanks for posting.
jeje I <strike>would one too</strike> think my son requires one too... And I do!<br> ;)

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