As you might know from my latestinstructables, I bought a beat down bicycle (made by NSU in the early fifties) with the idea to create a bike worthy and capable of towing my red kids-trailer.

The bike is done by now, and this instructabe is about the custom valve caps, I made for it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • valve caps (check carefully witch ones you need)
  • playmo heads (source: ebay)
  • playmo helmets/hats (source: ebay)
  • spraypaint


  • powerdrill with drillbit
  • sliding gauge
  • glue (the special brand for plastics or hot glue)
  • file or sanding paper
  • vice
  • masking tape
  • standard tape
  • screws
  • cardboard

<p>I'll be wondering around the next flea-market looking for cool figures, Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Super Cute!</p>
<p>Really fun and stylish!</p>
<p>These are so cute! I loved playmobile as a kid!</p>

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