Picture of Playstation 2 controller with Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show how to use the Playstation 2 Controller (PS2) with the Raspberry Pi. We use the Arduberry to adapt the shield to the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Hardware Required

Picture of Hardware Required
  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Arduberry
  3. Dexter Industries Playstation 2 Controller Shield for Arduino
  4. A Playstation 2 controller or a similar clone (Please Check the wiki for the compatible clones)
scott!11 months ago

What is the benefit to this over a USB to PS2 adapter?

mfrontuto1 year ago

could the controller be used as a remote control for XBMC if installed on the Pi?

dexter_industries (author)  mfrontuto1 year ago
You can get the button states in Python and C, so if you know how to control the XBMC using any of those two languages, then it should be pretty easy to use the controller as a Remote Control.

Neat concept! I can't wait to see more projects with it.