Hello all. My PS3 constantly keeps overheating and giving me YLOD. So I decided to make a box that will help circulate cool air around the PS3 and hot air out. I spent a good amount of time brainstorming about this and writing measurements down and putting things in AutoCAD. I used the measurements I made because I wanted the PS3 to have 2 inches of clear space all around it. This is just what I preferred, you may choose to do things differently.

What you will need:

(Note: I measured the wood how I wanted the pieces to lay when box was completed. Numbers with an ' * ' by it just means the thickness of the wood. I used 1in thick wood which is really measured at .75 inches.)

- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   18 5/16in      x   15 9/16in   x   1in*
- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   14 13/16 in   x   1in*            x   6 3/8 in
- 1x Wood piece measured (L x W x H) ->    18 5/16           x   1in*            x   6 3/8 in
- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   8in                 x   1in*            x   1 1/4 in
- 3x 80 or 120 Case Fans (optional 4th)
- 1x 12v DC Adapter (amps. has to be 1A or above)
- 1x On/Off Switch
- 1x Fan Filter
- Electrical Tape
- Insulate Wrapping Wire or Speaker Wire
- Paint Brush & Paint or Stain(optional) 
- Screws (1 1/4 in)

- Wire Strippers/Cutters
- Soldering Iron w/solder
- Drill w/ Drill Bits
- Some sort of saw for cutting the wood (table saw, band saw, etc)
- Tape measure or Ruler (that measures in 1/16s or 1/8s)

(Images may be kinda small on the site, so I will link them for a bigger view)

I did all my measurements in AutoCAD, so if you have it, then here is the DWG file for you to look at.  http://www.4shared.com/photo/BXcSN46e/ps3_measurements.html

I am not responsible for any damages or pain caused. Be careful while working. 12v DV wont kill you but is enough of a shock to make you say ouch. 

Step 1: Prepping the Case Fans

I picked up my fans from Microcenter which is an computer parts store in my area. The fans I picked out move about 90 CFM, has 2000 RPM, and has a 16 dBA in loudness. 

The fans I purchased did not come with the wires color coded for neg. or pos, and they were also 3-pin. They came with a 4 pin adapter which will help you to identify the positive and negative. 

If your fans are not color coded, take a 4 pin adapter and plug one of the fans 3 pin into it. This will show you which is negative(black) and which is positive(red or yellow) Note: You may also cut you 4-pin adapter to use to test your fans, with the 12v DC Adapter , before cutting their wires. 

Now that you know which is positive and negative, get some sort of marker or something to make the negative to help you identify it in the future. After that, cut the 3 pin connects off and then strip the wire. You may choose to cut the third wire off as it is not needed. I personally trimmed it myself.
how safe is the power
the power is safe i would say. Ive used for quite awhile and havent worried about my house burning down
Hi!<br><br>I think is a nice short project, as putting fans to the ps3 would be. It's functional and if it worked for you is excellent!!!<br><br>Suggestion/Query: <br>- is the back fan connected inverted? As it sucks air out in the PS3<br>- Have you tried putting cardboard on top + bottom so the coll air is not wasted around the case?<br><br>- Did you have again the YLOD? How much did it improve for using the fans?<br>- What about noise... is it louder than the ps3 fans?<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Diego<br>
give me the build ps3 cooler for dummies guide

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