Picture of Playstation 3 Cooling Box
Hello all. My PS3 constantly keeps overheating and giving me YLOD. So I decided to make a box that will help circulate cool air around the PS3 and hot air out. I spent a good amount of time brainstorming about this and writing measurements down and putting things in AutoCAD. I used the measurements I made because I wanted the PS3 to have 2 inches of clear space all around it. This is just what I preferred, you may choose to do things differently.

What you will need:

(Note: I measured the wood how I wanted the pieces to lay when box was completed. Numbers with an ' * ' by it just means the thickness of the wood. I used 1in thick wood which is really measured at .75 inches.)

- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   18 5/16in      x   15 9/16in   x   1in*
- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   14 13/16 in   x   1in*            x   6 3/8 in
- 1x Wood piece measured (L x W x H) ->    18 5/16           x   1in*            x   6 3/8 in
- 2x Wood pieces measured (L x W x H) ->   8in                 x   1in*            x   1 1/4 in
- 3x 80 or 120 Case Fans (optional 4th)
- 1x 12v DC Adapter (amps. has to be 1A or above)
- 1x On/Off Switch
- 1x Fan Filter
- Electrical Tape
- Insulate Wrapping Wire or Speaker Wire
- Paint Brush & Paint or Stain(optional) 
- Screws (1 1/4 in)

- Wire Strippers/Cutters
- Soldering Iron w/solder
- Drill w/ Drill Bits
- Some sort of saw for cutting the wood (table saw, band saw, etc)
- Tape measure or Ruler (that measures in 1/16s or 1/8s)

(Images may be kinda small on the site, so I will link them for a bigger view)

I did all my measurements in AutoCAD, so if you have it, then here is the DWG file for you to look at.  http://www.4shared.com/photo/BXcSN46e/ps3_measurements.html

I am not responsible for any damages or pain caused. Be careful while working. 12v DV wont kill you but is enough of a shock to make you say ouch. 
how safe is the power
plutoboyvp07 (author)  ii_dark_fool_x3 years ago
the power is safe i would say. Ive used for quite awhile and havent worried about my house burning down
siscor4 years ago

I think is a nice short project, as putting fans to the ps3 would be. It's functional and if it worked for you is excellent!!!

- is the back fan connected inverted? As it sucks air out in the PS3
- Have you tried putting cardboard on top + bottom so the coll air is not wasted around the case?

- Did you have again the YLOD? How much did it improve for using the fans?
- What about noise... is it louder than the ps3 fans?


give me the build ps3 cooler for dummies guide