Please Watch My New Piano Song!






Introduction: Please Watch My New Piano Song!

Please, it would help!



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    dang it dosent work sorry i herd it is really good could you fix it thanks

    amazing 5 stars faved subscribed  the best song iv ever heard in my life piano or not!!!!   amazing can i get it on itunes!?!?!?!?!

    I was talking bout the iTunes thing, but thanks!

    im not even into music in general but that was cool! ,,i just might learn piano someday,,

    You are really good...I wish I could play the piano: I used to play the bass clarinet (hence the name).

    Thanks! I was wondering, is bass clarinet any harder than regular clarinet?

    They are pretty much the same...the bass is just an octave lower. High notes (using the register key) is much more difficult on the bass (especially if the instrument is of poor quality), but they're pretty much the same. I suppose your fingers/ keys move faster on the regular one just because it's smaller.

    All in all, the regular one gets the better (harder) parts because they play the melodies, whereas the bass gets the boring "bass" part, which is generally simple and oh so boring.  

    They look different, but they play the same. I liked the bass clarinet better because it sounds nicer and doesn't squeal in as high of pitch.