Picture of Pleather Fortune Cookie Purse

Every gal and maybe guy - not that there's anything wrong with that, needs a fun purse for a night on the town. When not out crimefighting with the Batgirl Birkin Bag, this fortune cookie purse is perfect accessory for casual wear.

Inspired from wearables designer Diana Eng and her fortune cookie coin purse, this is the bigger version you can hang off of your shoulder.

Made from imitation leather, but you can make your own from choice real leathers for a luxury brand version.

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Step 1: Sew what...

Picture of Sew what...

So I took the brat and her bratty friends to the outlet mall for a shopping trip. I was left to fend for myself for several hours wandering the mall aimlessly so this is what I spotted.

At the home decor section of one store, they had all kinds of placemats on sale.

Because I have the straight eye of an engineer guy, this pleather like material might come in handy for something. I had bought two placemats in different colors.

They also had some coarsely woven metallic like placemats. I got a few since they were reminiscent of the texture you find on Star Trek TOS Klingon uniforms. I guess I will have that on hand in case I ever need to make a Klingon uniform.

You can also get pleather from the fabric store. Good old Tolex is good for covering guitar amps.

These placemat rounds were about 15 inches in diameter.

At another store, I purchased two metal chain belts. Caitlin was looking for bigger chain stock for her jewelry projects.

On another trip to our local discount craft store, I got some zippers and some jewelry findings, the swivel clips and split rings to hook on to the chain.

I got a longer zipper than necessary because I did not know what I needed. It was a 22 inch zipper but something around 12 inches would have worked out fine without having to tuck in or sealing and clipping off the excess.

You could probably sew this together by hand but a sewing machine is a lot faster.

Learn how to sew. It is fun and another tool to add to your maker collection.

CAUTION: Scissors, utility knives, pliers, awls, sewing machines can cause injury. Know how to use and craft safely.

This is cool!!
doodlecraft9 months ago

I see a cool fortune cookie purse in my future! :) Love it!

caitlinsdad (author)  doodlecraft9 months ago

Make an entire batch and be sure to have enough to share.

Zabzab9 months ago

It looks very cool =D

Abigail029 months ago
caitlinsdad (author)  Abigail029 months ago

It goes, do, re, me, fa, so... Thanks.

Abigail029 months ago
Haha that is do cool!!
thematthatter9 months ago

What do you keep in your purse?

You should keep a box cutter in it, just incase another woman is wearing the same shoes as you.

caitlinsdad (author)  thematthatter9 months ago

Keep an eye out for those with size 13 jump boots and just wait till I get a hold of the person who pushed me out of the plane...

Passion Make9 months ago

The purse looks great and cool :)

caitlinsdad (author)  Passion Make9 months ago

Thanks, it is an easy and fun thing to make.