Pledge Fabric Sweeper "Un-Corked"


Introduction: Pledge Fabric Sweeper "Un-Corked"

Here's how I tackled the Pledge Fabric Sweeper and won.

You'll need a 3/4" Neopreme Rubber Grommet, a #7 Tapered Cork Stopper, and a pen knife.

Step 1: How-To Make It Happen...

Hold the rubber grommet against the top edge of the "flat side," where the <- SLIDE -> label resides.  This point is technically along the "bottom" of this label.  Trace the grommet with a pen or marker.

Carefully cut along the inside of the circle you just put down...I'd take it in about an 1/8 of an inch(?) -- I apologize for not having the exact measurements here.

Fit the grommet into place and gently cap it off with the #7 cork stopper.

When your Fabric Sweeper is full, pop the cork and vacuum out the contents!



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    Since posting this mod o' mine, I've seen them change the design at least once, making the placement & cut more difficult. You may need to tweak my instructions a bit to continue...

    I've never used these things, but are you telling me they expect you to toss it and get a new one when it's full?
    That's pathetic.
    Good instructable.

    4 replies

    Oh you could add some info on the actual drilling, or at-least a link to another good instructable.

    Think I'd use a soldering iron, since that doesn't crack the plastic.

    If you do, be in a very well ventilated area since melting plastic makes some toxic fumes usually.

    I learned a trick for doing that a while back. If you only melt the plastic no fumes are given off. The problem is a soldering iron is usually to hot and it burns the plastic.
    If you have an adjustable iron (and extra tip) that's perfect, if not use a standard iron before it heats all the way up or use a light dimmer.

    This would work

    UPDATE: I just purchased another two Fabric Sweepers and they've changed the design! This will still work, but I found the plastic to be a little difficult to get through. The softer spot now appears to be on top, where one would place their hand... Heating the blade of your pen knife, slightly, may now be the way to go.

    FYI: The hole I'm cutting is very nearly 1" across... Any larger than this and the grommet will slip out.

    >> Be sure to take a look at cszostek's post on this same product. There's always more than one way to do something. <<

    Ranie-K: I would have to agree with Browncoat. An iron would melt the plastic and leave you with a headache. If you do have trouble with the pen knife, try heating the blade slightly. The plastic should give way without causing you harm.

    VadimS: There's no drilling involved. I used a pen knife (like an EXACTO) to cut the plastic. It wasn't difficult, but just be sure to take your time. You don't want to crack the plastic and/or cut yourself.

    VadimS: That's right. They expect you to toss it when it's full. What a waste, right?

    This is a great idea, cutting down on waste in landfills by re-using.