Plexglass Laser Cut Pen Holder


Introduction: Plexglass Laser Cut Pen Holder

Who needs a cup or something normal to hold your pens in when you can have something totally unique!

Step 1: Draw Out File

First I drew out the file on Autocad.

Step 2: Laser Cut

Then I lasercut the plexi glass.

Step 3: Glue

Using this plexi glue, I glued all the interior pieces together

Step 4: Pen Holder

Let your pen holder dry and then you will be able to use it!! Enjoy!



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    I use a laser cutter at a local maker space I'm involved in called Saluki Craft located in southern Illinois. They have a large laser cutter from and will laser cut your files for you and even ship it to your location if needed.

    Nice, I'm more interested in how you lasercut it ?

    Is het possible for more info about the lasercutter you use ?