Step 10: Fini

Hopefully your robot is working well and you already have big plans to take over the world with it, or just have it make your coffee whatever the preference.  

future plans for this robot include:
-upgrading the software on the PC to be more versatile
          having on screen manual controls
          robot studio interface
          faster transmitting for less pause between steps
-creating a better stepper driver system.  
-And best of all making new playgrounds and automation situations for the robot to tackel

Thank you all. Any questions? please ask. 

MangoKid Out

I am wondering, this project looks very interesting to me but I am fairly new at programing and working with robotics. But the construction of the robot and configuration of the bread board I am familiar with. Would u say this project isn't for me or would I be able to do it?
<p>I&rsquo;m working on a project which is about making a rescue <br>robot . I have struggling with it for 4 months and now all the mechanical works <br>had been done . but I&rsquo;m facing difficulty in make the robot to work with rf <br>module can u plzz help me&hellip;</p><p>I want make transmitter and receiver that can control the <br>motion&hellip;I mean that receiver should have control 8 dc gear motor and each dc <br>motor should have a forward and backward botton to control the motion &hellip;&hellip;can u <br>kindly help me with this project &hellip;.if u can make the circuit board diagram for <br>the PCB &hellip;.or any other suggestion plz reply&hellip;&hellip;mail me at &ldquo;sunny1995gagan@gmail.com&rdquo;</p>
<p>Interesting Robot. I was wondering, since you are using stepper motors, how is the accuracy? Have you considered some kind of feedback for motor positions like encoders?</p>
I'm new to field of microelectronics and have been working my way in on various parallel projects. This is an exciting and remarkable project for the site, thank you for posting it.<br><br> There were a couple of things I couldn't figure out between your wiring diagram and the images. If you have a moment, I was wondering:<br><br>1. Where on the wiring diagram are these two circled items? They look like some sort of capacitor loop, but I can't really tell without it being on the diagram<br><br>2. You list out a 1K resistor in the parts list but it looks like there are (7) 3.01K resistors called out on the wiring diagram and they appear to be ?<br><br>3. Can you provide a picture of the wiring occurring at the top of the bus runs on the larger breadboard and the precise location of the power feeds - just want to make sure I have things correct before I destroy my chips!<br><br>Thanks!<br>
<p>5V given to 11,32pins, GND connected to 12,31 pins.</p><p>100nF capacitor between 5V and GND at both 11/12 and 31/32.</p>
<p>what is the value of the condenser ???<br><br>plz give fast reply</p>
<p>Are the shapes of 1st arm and 2nd arm important?</p><p>i.e the figures arm shape which are present in the pdf file. Is it necessary to cut the plexi glass in such a way?? plz reply... :)</p>
Very nice set up tutorial ! <br>Cool thing.
can we use atmega8 mcu instead of pic?b'coz in my region pic mcu's are not readily available...!
5v stepper motors are not available in my country. how can i use 12v motors??please inform me ASAP
would it be complicated (for a know's-nothing-about-robotics (/another instructable would be appreciated)) to apply a third stepper for opening and closing a &quot;claw&quot; at the end of the arm??
*a 4th stpper motor
How can I make the initial position everytime the system is resetting ? <br>Or power off, then the hand return to the initial position ?
Very nice looking bot, very interested in making one. There's just one thing I need to ask, you mention it can perform small tasks. What type of tasks can it do? Thanks.
Hi!<br>It's nice,but did anyone tried with bluetooth?,because there is a very tyny USB/Bluetooth device for mobile phones and is not expesive...
Good work. Steepers are much more reliable than hobby servos for this job.
Ya they most certianley are. The best part about them is that they dont have the backlash that the hobby servos do. If you look at some similiar bots with servos you will notice that they are extremly jumpy and usually swing all over the place. Also these stepper are geared to 1:64 so each joint has 11'000 diffrent positions over its 180 degree range of motion. I dont think hobby servos are that accurate
how much can it lift
it will lift about 100 grams. If you turn up the voltage to 6 or 7 you can lift more but only for a while due to the heat generated in the motor

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