Introduction: Plexi-glass Box 4 Home Audio Amplifier With Power Supplay

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Home made Plexy-glass box with power supply and audio amplifier.

The idea was born because in house cinema I had no SUB. The system is 5.1, but the SUB was not amplified output. Variants have been two. Buy an active SUB, or just bought an amplifier and make a box

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First of all, I bought 2x50w Class-D amplifier, which has a working range from 10VDC to 26VDC for less than US $7

Of course, the 12V power supply has much less gain. But the test was authorized.

So I made a small body of plexiglass. Most of the material I picked up from my workshop :) so that the product is not exactly profi

Step 2:

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The amplifier has been tested, but missing the right power supply. Circuit for power supply was copy from internet .

In view of the fact that when you switch the amplifier sounds less bang in speakers (what is normal for a bad class) so, I added a circuit that delays the activation speakers.

Step 3:

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So ... the circuit is assembled, but not in the case. In the garage I had some plexi glass panels. Dimensions were appropriate. For plexi bend several variants of. it can be bent with a strong blow dryer or use of the filament (video)

Step 4:

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And in the end it was necessary to have all screwed to the chassis. Again, I used the resources available in the garage. Some of the spacers, some wire and that's it.


MamadSUB made it! (author)2016-11-12

What can I use to amplify the voice that is loud and clear

angelopoulosk (author)2015-04-12

What would i need to change to make it 200W?

kompot (author)angelopoulosk2015-04-14

Try something like this:

But u need a different power supply

angelopoulosk (author)kompot2015-04-26

Thanks a lot!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-20

Woah I bet the sound is amazing, not to mention this is the coolest looking amp I've ever seen. Welcome to instructables, I hope we see more of your awesomeness soon!

TNX MsSweetSatisfaction :)

The sound is pretty good. Given the fact that my SUB is mono, I had bridge output. This is the L+ and R- so the output power is 100W.

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