Picture of Plexiglas Computer
Hello everyone

My brother ( Zack ) has got a birthday on October. and his Living room computer decided to commit suicide 

Since i love building stuff ( Especially from Plexiglas ) i made him a super cool HTPC Computer with a case of Plexiglas !

Enjoy !


Step 1: Purchase List

Picture of Purchase List
The Things you need to buy in order to complete this Instructable are:

Material :

1 x 1.5 Meter of Regular 4 MM Plexiglas
60 x 15 CM of Black 3 MM Plexiglas

Computer Parts :

MotherBoard (Intel H67 )
Cpu (Intel G2030 )
Cooling Fan for CPU (Zalman )
Power supply  (Slim Seasonic 250Watt )
Chassis Fan
2 Switches ( On/OFF  & Reset )
Small LED Strip

Tools and peripherals :

Bolts and Nuts ( 120 or so )
Drill +Drill kit
Saw + Special blade for metal - best for cutting plastic
Electric driller
Wires for LED and for lengthening the  Chassis Fan
Hot Glue
Tin with Tin snips ( For brackets of HDD )
Dremel Tool + Dremel Kit
Aluminum angles
Working Gloves

And off we go !

This is really awesome!!! Good project.
RoeyLeon (author)  Jaxton Maez1 year ago
Thanks a lot!
zamandguth1 year ago
Nice job!!
RoeyLeon (author)  zamandguth1 year ago
Thanks !
Nice job!
RoeyLeon (author)  Dream Dragon1 year ago
Thanks dude!
muddog151 year ago
Can I buy one from you?
mrubenb1 year ago
Nicely done. Though, I'm curious to know how well is heat controlled. Cheers!
RoeyLeon (author)  mrubenb1 year ago

As far as i saw , there is no heat at all inside the case.

I inserted a Thermometer and check the Temp , it was about 30 or so ...

regular temp ..

Also , the Plexiglas is very good with in coping with the heat