Plexiglas Computer

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Hello everyone

My brother ( Zack ) has got a birthday on October. and his Living room computer decided to commit suicide 

Since i love building stuff ( Especially from Plexiglas ) i made him a super cool HTPC Computer with a case of Plexiglas !

Enjoy !


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Step 1: Purchase List

The Things you need to buy in order to complete this Instructable are:

Material :

1 x 1.5 Meter of Regular 4 MM Plexiglas
60 x 15 CM of Black 3 MM Plexiglas

Computer Parts :

MotherBoard (Intel H67 )
Cpu (Intel G2030 )
Cooling Fan for CPU (Zalman )
Power supply  (Slim Seasonic 250Watt )
Chassis Fan
2 Switches ( On/OFF  & Reset )
Small LED Strip

Tools and peripherals :

Bolts and Nuts ( 120 or so )
Drill +Drill kit
Saw + Special blade for metal - best for cutting plastic
Electric driller
Wires for LED and for lengthening the  Chassis Fan
Hot Glue
Tin with Tin snips ( For brackets of HDD )
Dremel Tool + Dremel Kit
Aluminum angles
Working Gloves

And off we go !

Step 3: Arrange all the Hardware on Plexiglas

Picture of Arrange all the Hardware on Plexiglas
Place the Motherboard , fans, HDD, and Power Supply on the Plexiglas - figure out how you would want everything to be placed.

Make sure to think ahead, maybe in the future you would want to add an additional HDD , or and additional Cooling FAN.

Step 5: Create an opening for the rear bracket of the Mother Board and PSU

Each motherboard comes with this Aluminum bracket 

Moreover i had to cut the rear Plexiglas to match the Power Supply opening

It is very easy to break the Plexiglas , so be careful  when you cut it, especially when you cut one piece of Plexiglas multiple times ( in multiple places).

Jaxton Maez6 months ago
This is really awesome!!! Good project.
RoeyLeon (author)  Jaxton Maez6 months ago
Thanks a lot!
zamandguth6 months ago
Nice job!!
RoeyLeon (author)  zamandguth6 months ago
Thanks !
Dream Dragon6 months ago
Nice job!
RoeyLeon (author)  Dream Dragon6 months ago
Thanks dude!
mrubenb6 months ago
Nicely done. Though, I'm curious to know how well is heat controlled. Cheers!
RoeyLeon (author)  mrubenb6 months ago

As far as i saw , there is no heat at all inside the case.

I inserted a Thermometer and check the Temp , it was about 30 or so ...

regular temp ..

Also , the Plexiglas is very good with in coping with the heat

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