Introduction: Plexiglass Jewelery

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This is an easy instructable!

Gave this to my mother on her birtday!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

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9 X plexi glass plates 1,2 X 1,2 (depends on how thick and large you want your jewelery)
metal saw (don`t recommend grinder..)
variety of different files
glue (super glue not a glue that build up space)

Step 2: Making the Cube

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First we have to make 9 plates of plexi glass. Simply by just put the glass on the edge, and push down until the plexi glass breaks. Then we glue all the piece of glass together, now we can draw what we want the jewelery to look like. You could draw just about anything!

Horses, trees, houses, bottles (if you love coca cola..!) , cars, etc.

I made flower pot with flowers because my mom loves flowers!

Step 3: Cut, File and Polish

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Once you have found the figure you can cut around. Thereafter file the edges round and fine!

Step 4: My Mom's Flower Pot!

Picture of My Mom's Flower Pot!

Here is my performance! How did you?  Would be fun if you posted a image or two!


Thistlemaiden (author)2017-02-05

How did it turn black?

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