Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0050





Introduction: Plinth Eastwood Nr. 0050

Nr. 0050 (here alongside nr. 0001) is a versatile lamp made out of five wooden segments. The idea was to make it according to the KISS principle.

Step 1: Woodworking

1. Cut twelve identical pieces of wood measuring 200x9x28mm.

2. Drill 8mm holes there where the five pieces of wood are combined together to make a joint link.

Step 2: Powercord Assembly

1. Use a regular E14 fitting and wire this up.

2. Install a switch (optional) and a socket plug.

Step 3: Fixation of the Fitting

1. Do a first assembly of the wooden pieces by use of sawed of pieces of 8mm threaded end and winged nuts.

2. Use tie-raps to fixate the fitting.

3. Drill four 2mm holes.

4. Use a thin metal tread and a aluminium clip to permanently keep things together.

5. Remove the tie-raps.

Important: use a low wattage (LED) light bulb to prevent overheating!

Step 4: The Shade

Make a 'lightshield' with thin triplex plywood to deflect unwanted light. Strengthen the joint by glueing in a toothpick.

Step 5: End Result

And there she is! Isn't she lovely..?

Warning: never leave your DIY lamp unattended.



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    Love the lamp but like the turn table better

    1 reply

    I am gonna make an Instructurntable soon of nr. 0001 bazz150 ;).

    The lamp is lovely! I love that it can change shape!

    1 reply