Plug Extension Cords Together





Introduction: Plug Extension Cords Together

Here's a trick I learned while working construction.
If you plug two extension cords together like this, they won't come unplugged by accident.
When you're done they're easy to unplug.



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    wow this is awesome, EXACTLY what I needed to know I am so grateful u posted this

    thank u!!!!

    Take both lines and hold them side by side about a foot away from the plugs then tie a knot in the cord made from two side by side cords...

    i knew that trick, theater light and sound at school club thing. but, do you now how to store a long wire? ahah

    oo oo i know, my dad showed me along time ago, but i forgot... but i remember that all u gotta do to untangle it is pull, and the whole thing gets undone =D

    It's basically just a crochet chain with the cord.

    its called a carpenters knot

    When you are coiling it, you switch off on which side you put new loops on. When you uncoil, the wire/cable will lay flat and not kink up on itself.

    i always use this, but ill try it with the extra twists next time....

    This 'ible very much needed to be published.

    I once went to a hardware store, and they had these little boxes that you clipped over the ends of the cords that stayed on permanent. Then, when you plugged in the cable, you slipped the boxes over the ends and they made a satisfying click together.


    I spent a good 10 minutes just laughing at this product, and couldn't comprehend what fool would spend his money on something that takes at most 15 seconds to just tie the cable ends in what you have pictured here.

    The boxes were not waterproof. They were not particularly well secured either, as it had to be a 'one size fits all' product, so I can imagine the cables coming unplugged INSIDE the box if you tugged hard enough. It was not crush resistant. It didn't even look like it was that well made.