How to easily attach your stereo to your guitar , worlds only $10.00 40w amp , if you already have the stereo.
<p>or a &pound;2 stereo jack into your line in/aux socket will do the same job.i've done this with my PC from the headphones jack in my soundcard...Boombox PC!!!</p>
I did it backward,using my amp as my stereo :P
why not just use a female cord and an adaptor
I was using stuff i already had around the house.
haha i allready do this with my 400 what sterio, i also play my x box threw it ( it has a video plug/port)
ithat is the stereo in my room the one with our TV and everything else is like 250 or something so thats pretty fun
Try making an actual instructable because it is impossible to see what you are holding and I couldn't really understand you.
i'll try to do it soon

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