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Today, I will show u how to make a plumb smoothie. This can be very tart, so just a little warming. So let's get started! You will need: A blender Cup 2 plumbs or more! Sugar

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Take you three plumbs.some people prefer their plumbs to be peeled, but I like either way.

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Now, take your plumbs and chop them into tiny pieces, but no too small

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Pit your plumbs in the blender, all cut up. Now, take a pinch if sugar and sprinkle it in there.

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Close the kid and blend everything to a rich, creamy smoothie.

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Now put in in a cup and enjoy! To make it taste even better, add a teaspoon of lemon aid. My friend use to do this, and IN MY OPINION, it was great. Hope you enjoyed!


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