Plumeria Cupcakes (Gumpaste)

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I love plumerias, so I decided to share with you how I make them out of gumpaste. What I like about this flower is that it is fairly simple to do and they look so pretty on cupcakes and cakes. These are the perfect cupcakes all year long,whether your having a cool summer party  or you are smack dab in the middle of a cold winter and you are daydreaming of being on a nice warm hawaiian beach sipping a cold drink looking at the beautiful flowers and ocean. I love plumerias.... oh I already mentioned that.  ; ) Thank you for checking out my instructable. Please vote and rate.
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
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You will need:

Gumpaste (Satin Ice is recommended)
Small bowl of flour
Ball tool (metal is recommended) I found mine in the clay department at michaels
Small rolling pin
Wilton practice board set (keeps the petals from drying out )
Yellow or pink luster dust
Foodsafe paintbrush
Wilton shaping foam set or a foam pad from your local cake supply store- recommended
Teardrop cookie cutter graduated set or you can trace a template with a paring knife
Small cup of water
Vinyl mat

To make the flour cups(they support the plumeria while it dries)

Use a small cup or bowl, pack it tight with flour. Stick your ball tool in the middle and make a dip in the flour about 1 inch deep.Set aside.You will need one of these for every plumeria that you make. I know you dont want to make 30 of these bowls ,so what you can do is wait til the plumerias are almost dry(about 3 hours) and carefuly set on the table to dry so you can reuse the bowls that you have made.
themoose642 years ago
You have my vote for the cupcake contest!
danlynne07 (author)  themoose642 years ago
thank you so much. i am crossing my fingers. ; )
themoose642 years ago
that is so cool! And pretty!
danlynne07 (author)  themoose642 years ago
thank you.
My goodness! This is the most beautiful cupcake I've ever seen!
danlynne07 (author)  deliciouslydevious2 years ago
Thank you so much. I really like them too.
shazni2 years ago
You my friend deserve to win...btw...I have a tree of these flowers in my garden...only i know it as Araliya :-) guess different language
danlynne07 (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thank you, I hope I win. Thats funny , I have also heard of them being called frangipani . I dont know how to spell it. I have 2 small trees one pink and one white with yellow. Beautiful flowers huh? I also love roses. Thank you for your nice comments.
kristaw3k2 years ago
These are gorgeous! Perfect for adults AND kids!!
danlynne07 (author)  kristaw3k2 years ago
thank you
kcli2 years ago
Your work is beautiful! I have enjoyed ALL of the tutorials you have posted and am inspired to attempt several. Thanks for sharing!
danlynne07 (author)  kcli2 years ago
You know, it makes my day whenever I get a nice comment.Thank you for making my day. If you ever have any questions about my instructables ,feel free to ask. and I would love pics too.
MarieBlanc2 years ago
sooooo beautiful! I thought they were real flowers, they are so flawless. :)
danlynne07 (author)  MarieBlanc2 years ago
Thank you
Menth19912 years ago
Totally adorable! they're look so delicious and perfect! Gratz c:
danlynne07 (author)  Menth19912 years ago
Thank you
wow. keep it up! you are a floral cupcake wizard!
danlynne07 (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Lol, thank you. :)    I also did a few halloween ones.
That is really fancy! Did you learn all of this fondant and gumpaste sculpting yourself?
danlynne07 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you. Most is trial and error but I have taken a few classes at michaels.