Step 4: Time to Color the Plumerias

Now that your flowers are dry they will keep their shape but they are a little fragile and you might even want to make extras. Some may chip but you can put that part in the frosting a little to hide it.(depending on how bad the chip is)They will have flour on them so you can either blow on them to get it off or take a soft paintbrush to dust the flour off. Dip your paintbrush into your lusterdust and lightly "dry-paint" the middle of the plumeria. Or as you desire. Now just place your beautiful flowers on your cupcakes.

NOTE: The last 5 pics are of real plumerias. As you can see they come in all shapes and colors so you cant go wrong.
You have my vote for the cupcake contest!
thank you so much. i am crossing my fingers.<strong> </strong><strong>; )</strong>
that is so cool! And pretty!
thank you.
My goodness! This is the most beautiful cupcake I've ever seen!
Thank you so much. I really like them too.
You my friend deserve to win...btw...I have a tree of these flowers in my garden...only i know it as Araliya :-) guess different language
Thank you, I hope I win. Thats funny , I have also heard of them being called frangipani . I dont know how to spell it. I have 2 small trees one pink and one white with yellow. Beautiful flowers huh? I also love roses. Thank you for your nice comments.
These are gorgeous! Perfect for adults AND kids!!
thank you
Your work is beautiful! I have enjoyed ALL of the tutorials you have posted and am inspired to attempt several. Thanks for sharing!
You know, it makes my day whenever I get a nice comment.Thank you for making my day. If you ever have any questions about my instructables ,feel free to ask. and I would love pics too.
sooooo beautiful! I thought they were real flowers, they are so flawless. :)
Thank you
Totally adorable! they're look so delicious and perfect! Gratz c:
Thank you
wow. keep it up! you are a floral cupcake wizard!
Lol, thank you.<strong> :)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </strong>I also did a few halloween ones.
That is really fancy! Did you learn all of this fondant and gumpaste sculpting yourself?
Thank you. Most is trial and error but I have taken a few classes at michaels.

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