Plumeria Cupcakes (Gumpaste)

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Step 4: Time To Color The Plumerias

Picture of Time To Color The Plumerias
plumeria main 023.jpg
plumeria main 026.jpg
plumeria main 028.jpg
plumeria main 029.jpg
plumeria main 079.jpg
plumeria main 069.jpg
real plumeria 5.jpg
real plumeria 1.jpg
real plumeria 4.jpg
real plumeria 3.jpg
real plumeria 2.jpg
Now that your flowers are dry they will keep their shape but they are a little fragile and you might even want to make extras. Some may chip but you can put that part in the frosting a little to hide it.(depending on how bad the chip is)They will have flour on them so you can either blow on them to get it off or take a soft paintbrush to dust the flour off. Dip your paintbrush into your lusterdust and lightly "dry-paint" the middle of the plumeria. Or as you desire. Now just place your beautiful flowers on your cupcakes.

NOTE: The last 5 pics are of real plumerias. As you can see they come in all shapes and colors so you cant go wrong.
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